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Another derby with Mastini defeat, but the qualifiers doors are open

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Another Lombard derby lost by the Galloneri (5 to 2) and again as in the first match, With Ice Masters Mastiffs For most of the meeting But Cuomo is sarcastic and tactile He wins the match by extinguishing hopes VareseAnyway, that’s it Enter the playoffs As the eighth team.

The boys coach Malvati has put Larian’s team on the ropes a few times, they made a lot, a lot of fouls in front of goal, thanks Too much inaccuracy and too much bad luck. Borghi had her back on her feet to find the equalizer with an anthology goal, but in the final minutes a few distractions set the stage for Cuomo’s advantage.

Mastiff Leave strong immediately. Ready to go and Dinicola ends up in the penalty area for a blow of the stick on P. Borghi. Powerplay developments led to the realization in Varese, with the capitalization of Caletti. Varese pressed again and almost doubled with Vanity’s seal of the post. The occasion for an appearance approached, but Capanelli and then Kaliti were sent to the side from an interesting position. Kumo approaches the door with Majul and Moraro thwarts the danger. The plot of Varese continues smoothly: McGrath’s incursion is quelled at the most beautiful moment with a good defensive intervention by Codebò. The hounds still build several interesting poses before the siren, but the tweak does not find its way into the net.

in a the other half Como starts better and in strong play (a questionable penalty whistle against Bertin) finds the equalizer with a yellow and black goal in his own net: Dinicola devours the equaliser and on the rebound from the disc Chyna is free but hits a teammate, unfortunately, veering into the goal. When the mastiffs play at 5, they steadily lower their tents forward and Tesini is pardoned three times by the M. Willing Preliminary.

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Before the end of the period it was Vanity to send to the side from a good position, then still the same captain who wraps up the match, but Tessini touches the disc enough to escort him out the door. Tellaro and then Caletti tried again, but without luck, as did Chyna, Bertin and Di Biasio from a distance, but without framing the goal. In one of Como’s very few forays, it was Volla who signed the double with a nice seal under the intersection of the columns opposite the firing position.

Varese starts well the third time To press Tesini. After several mistakes, the equalizer is credited to M. Borghi who finished a 50-meter coast-to-coast route after practically losing the entire opposing team. At Varese’s best moment, Formentini’s network arrives quickly to exploit the frequency between Muraro and Schina.

Here the galloneri concentration drops a bit and releases a missing puck disc in the denicula neutral that doesn’t fail one-to-one. Mastini insists on trying to reopen the match but Tesini makes a wall and luck doesn’t help the gialloneri. Before the final siren, Asinelli’s achievement of supremacy.

In the’The final challenge of the regular seasonscheduled for tomorrow evening, come BressanoneSurprisingly, it stayed a bit out of the game compared to the initial predictions.

A return to victory for Varese would mean restoring the right spirits and giving continuity, however, to an important job that both coach Malvati and the players have been doing since the start of January.

In front of your audience it is important Play in the right spirit And who knows that the lack of realism last night in Como could be repeated precisely against Bressanone, who will want to end his season by putting in a good performance, with a goalkeeper who has often been the best on the track despite numerous defeats. South Tyrol team.

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The challenge will start at 20.30 and it will be interesting to understand how Varese’s team will face it. It will be an important match because, while it doesn’t mean anything to the standings, it will be able to provide some useful information internally in light of the following matches.

hockey como – Mastini Varese 5 2 (0: 1 2:0 3:1)

0’54” (MV) Caletti (Vanetti, M. Borghi), 22’04” (HC) Dinicola PP1, 18’41” (HC) Vola (Dinicola), 47’12” (MV) M. Borghi (De Biasio) PP1, 51’11” (HC) Formentini (Privitera Guaita), 52’24” (HC) Dinicola, 59’20” (HV) Asinelli (Ghiglione, Codebò) PP1

Hockey Como: 40 Tesini (24 DM D’Agate), 3 Codebò, 10 DM D’Agate, 20 Cecere, 16 L. Formentini, 44 Taufer, 13 M. Formentini, 14 Asinelli, 18 Dinicola, 22 Zordan, 23 R. Ambrosoli, 27 Marcati, 28 Paramidani, 29 Vola, 33 Xamin, 73 Guaita, 77 Majul, 88 Privitera. Coach: Massimo da Ren

Mastini Varese: 30 Muraro (90 Mordenti) 3 Schina, 4 McGrath, 9 A. Bertin, 22 E. Mazzacane, 37 Belloni, 44 De Biasio, 15 Caletti, 16 Vanetti, 17 Capannelli, 23 M. Borghi, 27 M.Mazzacane, 33 P Borghi, 55 Berosso, 74 Tellaro. Coach: Matthew Malfati

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