September 23, 2023

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Simona Halep made a strong return, signing with three in Canada

Simona Halep made a strong return, signing with three in Canada

Even in Toronto, after the surprise and uncertainty of the Montreal final, the atmosphere takes on a layer of surprise, an opportunity not to be missed. On the one hand, a player who started the year ranked n.82 in the world, didn’t even reach the quarter-final 1000 runs, against a world number one, a Grand Slam champion, and a two-time winner in Montreal. in 2016 and 2018 (and the final in 2015). Obviously Simona Halep, Experience, Mood, Desire Win back an important tournament that has been missing since 21st September 2020When he lifted up the sky Rome A very different Italian Internationals Cup, in the autumn, vs Karolina Pliskova. But Beatrice Hadad Mia He created his competition as an underdog, he is walking a vivid dream and he does not want to stop now, one step away from the third title, which will be the most important and historic in his career..

I don’t compare myself, Brazil said at a press conference. Well, modest and fair, but she is certainly a pride of tennis and the game in general: the first Brazilian to defeat a #1 in the world, the first to reach a final 1000, the first 69 to reach three or more finals in a single year from Gesteira. She defeated Trevisan, Fernandez, Sviatek, Bencic and Pliskova, meaning Grand Slam semi-finalist, host, world n.1, former champion and finalist. (among others 5 out of 4 to 20 places, a good omen Halep n.15), this alone would be enough. Nottingham and Birmingham, can be called the player of the summer. In fact he has won 17 games since June (3 less than the leader Garcia), but the weight of 5 this week mostly fills the gap, the stage and the name of the opponents. A woman has played (and won) the most three-set matches in 2022, an enviable 15 out of 19 and, as if that wasn’t enough, she will be at least 16 in the world from Monday (14 if she wins the title).

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Halep’s stats, on the other hand, almost put her opponent to shame: She is the most successful player in Masters 1000 history, bringing home 184 matches, and today she is playing in her eighteenth final (8 wins and 9 losses), equaling Serena Williams’ record.. He is already in his fourth final here, a record two Celsusand is the second most successful player on tour this year (37, 11 under Swiatek) Asking for data and numbers is much less, experience, determined attitude, ranking (from tomorrow she will surely return to the top 10 from n.9. , sixth during the victory), perhaps even for precedents: one victory each, Halep’s victoryAustralian Open Circuit Hadad Mia won the most recent match in the semi-finals, again on hard courts in January BirminghamThe match was then brought home by the Brazilian.

But this will be the field for the final judgment, and analyzing the game will certainly balance the situation: Hadad Miah is primarily left-handed, so he can serve left-handed bends and then try to close with a putable forearm. Halep, in this long exchange, improved in rhythm. For the most part, though the game is infused with both, passing will definitely go to those who can manage better from the bottom, counter and keep a good defense. Of course, between the two, #15 on board is used to fighting, she’s built a career there, and if she’s uncertain she can go for pain; It must be emphasized here that the left-hander, adept at cutting and attacking the net, can prevent Halep from playing patiently as a weaver.. On the contrary, it can be important (in addition to the serve, he worked well and gives a good result), which uses the Romanian to make the opponent nervous and make mistakes, as well as a game of precision. Ability to move quickly from defense to attack and trigger his strength. Many themes, different and sometimes similar styles, one goal: Rogers Cup 2022, Dancing with the Eagles or Return to the Stars.

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