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Sardinia, Champion in Canada: ‘I, from Ferryman to Conqueror. Thus Vancouver Ensign and Bernardecchi’s victory over Toronto is the first page

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Tuscan Gorgia is a first clue. from Florence to do VancouverOn the Pacific coast of Canada, Ber Vanni Sarthini This is a unique feature. Born in 1976, the Italian technician has crossed seas in search of new experiences. And a few days ago, with him Vancouver WhitecapsHe won the final Canadian Championship vs Toronto Blues: “Ensign, Bernardeschi, Criscito. Our opponents have formed a new team with amazing players. They left us for dead and we scored.”On penalty kicks, the Canadian champions after 1-1 in regular time:” Technically that’s how it is. TOAlthough we play in MLS (with Montreal and Toronto, Ed), all Canadian teams compete in a format similar to the Italian Cup. It’s been a long journey, which makes winning even more special.”

If there is a rule in the middle – The Florentine doc, Vanni Sartini accepted the American challenge at the end of 2015, working as a goalkeeper, a second category and a coach. First in Messana’s Amateurs, then in Awakening David Nicola Livorno and Bari and later at the FIGC, to take care of international relations at the Coverciano Study and Research Center. “The first connections with MLS were born there, a turning point. In those days I decided to leave for America and work with the American Federation and contribute to the training of a new generation of technicians”. Until the big occasion: “At some point, Mark dos Santos He invited me to accompany him to Vancouver. Then the club entrusted me with an under-23 team and took over as head of the youth department“.First as a rower before landing first-team head coach:” In the past two seasons, Vancouver has been knocked out of the Cup in the first round against lower-division teams. This is what led me to lead the club last summer. We reached the playoffs and I was determined to reach the final act of the tournament. “Achieved with the help of fate:”In this edition’s quarter-final, we were 1-0 down three minutes into the game against Cavalry, and then eventually restarted the match with a corner kick.“. Sliding doors.

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Victory Alitalia – “It’s a win, it means a lot, and it’s even nicer because it comes after seven years without a win for the club.” And against a perceived favourite, thanks to a terrific signing campaign. “It was a heart-to-heart match, even for the Azzurri. Before the race I had a chat with Ensign, Criscito and Bernardeschi. I see them well, they have the right attitude and they told me about their organization in Canada. I hope they can attract more champions, people who raise the level of competition. Check out Bernardeschi’s assist for the 1-1 goal. In ML, he is the only one who does such things. “After a day full of celebrations, the coach’s boss and his boys returned to the championship. Western ConferenceWith the effort circled in red: “Playoffs. The season didn’t start well, but we are recovering. We are now three points from the target with twelve games to go. We need 20 points and I believe we will win.

American Dream – Sartini did not notice the clock while he was answering the phone. 5pm in Italy, 8am in Canada: Before training with the team, he finds time to tell the way he understands the ball: “MLS is becoming European. From players to coaches, they go through different solutions on the pitch. In 2016, everyone played with 4-3. -3 or 4-2 -3-1. Then, thanks to the young coaches, there was a good development “. There are many differences between Italian and American football:The first is environmental factors. There are three time zones and the next challenge involves flying 5 hours to play in Nashville where it’s 40 degrees.. After a few days, we will play at home with very low temperatures.” A factor that should not be underestimated:” It affects the work a lot, especially in this period when there are many games and you cannot stress the players’ bodies. Having a double session here is unthinkable. Salary limit. There are DB (Designated Soldiers, Ed) is similar to Ensign, but the budget for the construction of the groups is limited and it is necessary to get well from universities and lower categories”.

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Matter of Tactics – There was no shortage of talk about game ideas: “My favorite modules 3-4-2-1 And this 3-5-2, but I believe a coach should be flexible. “I always try to field an aggressive formation. I see myself a lot in one of Klopp’s statements. ‘Guardiola’s teams are an orchestra, my football is heavy metal’. That’s right. Sometimes possession of the ball is overrated, the attacking space is the most important. Thing”. The example cited is recent: “Against Toronto, we had 29% of the ball, created 4 more chances than them and brought home the title after all.“.Password? Practice. In a country that is preparing to host a partnership with Mexico and the United States, I World Cup 2026: “Football is now the third sport after American football and basketball. The ball grows, attracts interest and an event like the World Cup brings investment and visibility. At the moment, we are still behind the big European leagues, but we see that in phases and the quality of the product, we are getting closer. “.

A league? Why not” – Regarding the possibility of return ItalyThe Florentine coach did not hesitate: “Of course I would. But I always prioritize life experience over career. A chance to train for a new challenge if a good economic proposal comes from Italy tomorrow JapanPerhaps even more attractive, I will leave everything to accept the second “. A question of perspectives, like some of his boys in Vancouver:” The team is strong, many players can find a place in the middle of Serie A teams. “Names:”Ranko Veselinovic, the Serbian defender. For characteristics, he will not fight in the Italian championship. That too Ryan Raposo, a young and promising striker. He’s getting a lot of satisfaction in Vancouver this season. “Sardini is fine and enjoying life:” It’s a wonderful city. I live by the sea, but in 40 minutes you can reach spectacular mountains 2022 Winter Olympics To understand each other. I don’t like the lack of typical Italian warmth “. A separate discussion if the table is involved.” My wife Barbara thinks about the food, but there are also many Italian restaurants. Practically, you eat at home. The only thing sent to me from my Florence is oil, and ours does not beat.

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An old dream – Football is not the only thought: “I have different interests, here Canada They are easy to grow because they have more life beyond the ball and less stress. I listen to history podcasts, read a lot, travel and write. In the past, I have produced training books Caverciano I enjoyed it. I like to put my thoughts on paper with peace of mind. Apart from football, I wanted to become a screenwriter. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll win the Oscar for best screenplay.“Meanwhile, Vanni Sartini’s story is already a good film.

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