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Omar de Felice in Canada for the final leg of his Art World tour

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After passing through Kamchatka, Lapland, Svalbard and Greenland Omar de Felice He went to North America to tackle his longest and most important part Arctic World Tour: A pedal ride Over 1600 kilometers across Canada and Alaska.

Departure is scheduled White horseIn Canada, a FairbanksIn Alaska. Amid the difficulties of the famous Dalton Highway, it is one of the most intense and distant winter roads on the planet.. “We’re in spring now, but the tail of the season is almost more intense than the heart of winter in the Arctic.” Roman Ultracyclist comments, he has performed better so far.

Svalbard and Polar Bear

In Lapland, after completing his ride across the border between Russia and Europe, de Felice flew to the Schwartz Islands, the northern point of his entire voyage. I had to follow the rules of control imposed because of the polar bearBut I still have the opportunity to live one of the most intense experiences of my entire life. “. Free camping in Svalbard is prohibited and it is necessary to return to the lodge pointed out by the managers at night. “This is why I did not make a real cross, but every day I moved to explore a different area, always returning to the starting point. Enjoying the incredible atmosphere, This is a good test for the bike looking forward to Greenland.

Greenland and Fat Wheels

There is a polar bear in Greenland, but its presence is widely distributed, so there are no specific restrictions. Omar, who changes the bike to suit the pitch here, brought the same bike he had with him to Svalbard: A fat bike with a slate. “Overcoming avalanches was the only viable option” Explains. “With her I had to reconsider my opinion on speed, Instead of thinking about the kilometers traveled, I try to think about the hours in the saddle. Hard times, constantly subject to the power of the elements that dominate this land unhindered. I crossed over 200 kilometers along the Arctic Orbit. Hard and hard week Days of total whiteness that forced me to stop and waitOtherwise the path would have been inaccessible. In the last extension then I was really hit by strong blizzards of wind and snow. Definitely a different experience from the one I was used to. “. Due to the lack of villages, Umar had to carry everything he needed to get half self-sufficient when crossing. “Support only the small shelters you encounter along the way. It’s fundamental to try to reach them every day.”. For the rest, all the useful stuff was on the slate anchored on his bike. A real test when climbing is difficult. “I had to go upstairs with the bush bike in tears or the mountains, then go downstairs and retrieve the slate. I wasted a lot of time, but it was the only way.”.

Return to Iceland

I have completed a long journey through the snowy slopes of Greenland, De Felice went to Iceland, A land he was well acquainted with and he had already experienced the power of winter. Knowing him he knows how to manage it and how to approach it. “I set out to explore Snæfellsjökul National Park” Explains. “Looking forward to Din’s arrival The head of the Okjökull Glacier, a symbolic place “. Omar talks about the glacier that disappeared due to climate change, for which a symbolic funeral was celebrated.

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“Even though I already knew the terrain I was treading on, I experienced the hardest day of the whole adventure right here: Strong winds and snowstorms are the first day of cycling. The last twenty kilometers of the first phase were so heavy that I was forced to get down and push the bike Up to a small village. Unable to ride “. After? “Fortunately, the elements calmed down at night and Iceland was able to show its beauty from the next day.”. Now they are left The last 1600 kilometers to complete this Arctic world tourGeography is drawn as the line of the fixed compass at the North Pole.

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