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Back to the office, work less smart and reopen schools: Because September will be a stress test for Covid

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Ffp2 is mandatory on transportation until September 30th

It should also be remembered that after masks are stopped on planes, Ffp2 remains mandatory on public transport (trains, trams, buses, and subways) until September 30. Mandatory use of masks in hospitals and the RSA has also been extended until the end of the month.

Without a mask at school

Then there is the unknown factor of returning to class, where according to indications set by the International Space Station, There is no longer an obligation to wear a mask For students, but Ffp2 is only for the weak (staff and students) who are seriously ill. It will be necessary to monitor whether abandoning masks can cause an increase in infection.

Variants of vaccines were updated in September

The issue of new vaccinations cannot be overlooked to treat other possible waves. The race for new vaccines to combat Covid has been underway for some time. Although the infection curve is now sharply receding, work has begun on the fall campaign, to protect the weakest in the event of another big wave, as many experts predicted. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is ready to approve in September new bivalent vaccines, that is, capable of eliciting an immune reaction against the original virus, the so-called Wuhan, as well as against sub-variants of Omicron. It will soon be clarified whether management will be offered to those in their fifties or those in their sixties.

New rules coming soon in light quarantine

September should finally be the month when the upcoming new rules (we’ve been talking about them for weeks now) are tested in quarantine with reduced times. Today, after a positive swab, at least seven days must pass before you can return to freedom, provided another test determines that one has been neglected. But with Omicron 5, not many experienced or had mild symptoms, and they found out they were positive several days later. The rules should change as follows: anyone who has not had symptoms for 48 hours and has been negative on a swab that is in any case taken at a pharmacy, at ASL or by a doctor, will be able to leave isolation immediately.

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