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Science Towards a New Mathematical Model for Predicting Cyber ​​Attacks

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A multidisciplinary team of researchers fromUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) A mathematical model that allows explaining some of the advanced cyber-attacks that countries typically carry out, based on different social and political variables. This is the first step towards the ambitious goal of predicting the occurrence of these cyber attacks. The study found a mathematical link between the social and political event and advanced cyber attacks. The cyber attacks these researchers analyzed are known as Advanced Persistent Threats (known as APT). One of the study’s authors explains that “its complexity indicates that countries are behind it”, Lorena Gonzalez Manzano, Lecturer in the Computer Security Lab in the Department of Computer Science at UC3M. In this paper, they analyzed whether there is a relationship between cyber attacks and some strategic, economic and military events. Although there is some attribution of intent for these anti-tank attacks, to date there has been no mathematical correlation to the modeling of these attacks. However, this work was conducted by the teacher Gonzalez and published in the magazine Security and Communication Networks Indicates that this connection can be established.

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