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Netflix: Here’s the August 2022 catalog with movies, TV series, and reality shows

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The Netflix catalog, constantly updated, is ready to welcome the news that will accompany us in the month of August 2022. Several new features are ready to enrich the already wide and varied selection of content: here is the complete list.

Netflix August 2022 – 18722

August 2022, the month when people are famous for taking a break from their commitments in favor of a little healthy relaxation – by the sea, in the mountains or in the city. To accompany us in this hot summer think about it Netflix, a streaming service that has released, in the last few hours, the complete catalog of everything we’ll see in August. Nice list of contents, some exclusiveincluding movies, TV series, documentaries, and reality shows.

Spoiler: There really is something for everyone. The list of products that cater to everyone’s tastes and try to satisfy the broad Netflix audience, is now ready to welcome New low cost subscription Which will add ads when watching the content. But let’s go in order and let’s start with the movie Day Shift – Find Vampiresmovie with heroes Jamie Foxx And the snoop dog Comedy/horror/hilarious action starring an unlikely duo battling a rampant fleet of vampires. And again, the new season – the third – from lock and keynews hypnotic And many, many more.

All content for August 2022

Netflix August 2022 - 18722
Netflix August 2022 – 18722


  • Wedding season – August 4
  • Carter August 5
  • Los Ladrones: The Last Big Robbery – August 10
  • Day Trip – Hunting for Vampires – August 12
  • 13: The Musical – August 12
  • ROYALTEEN – THE HEIR – August 17
  • ME TIME – August 26
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TV series / reality show

  • KAKEGURUI TWIN – August 4
  • Sand – August 5
  • LOCKE & KEY S3 – August 10
  • Instant Dream Home – Homes to Transform – August 10
  • indian match season 2 – 10 august
  • I Didn’t Own… Season 3 – 12 August
  • KLEO – August 19
  • Chad and GT GO DEEP – August 23
  • LOST OLLIE – August 24
  • OC Sale – August 24

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