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From its origins to Downing Street-

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The 42-year-old is the first man of Indian origin and Hindu faith to lead His Majesty’s government and also by far the richest: his studies at Oxford and Stanford, a fortune of 800 million euros with his wife and real estate empire

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LONDON – He’s already made history, and for more than one reason: Britain’s new prime minister, aged 42 Rishi Sunakis not only the first person of Indian origin and Hindu creed to lead His Majesty’s Government, but also the wealthiest, with his own wealth and wife estimated at more than 800 million eurosDouble King Charles.

A character made up of paradoxes and contradictions, the new Prime Minister: So much so that one of the titles slippery snackSlippery snack. He is the son of Indian immigrants who arrived in Great Britain from East Africa, from a solid bourgeois background (father of a doctor, mother of a pharmacist), so much so that they managed to send him to a very exclusive office. Winchester College, a school that now costs more than 50,000 euros a year that has rivaled Eton for centuries. From there, young Sunak is accepted Oxford To study PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics), the main course for the future ruling class.

After a master’s degree in stanfordIn California, in business management, the ambitious Richie dedicates himself to finance, first at Goldman Sachs and then in various hedge funds. And at Stanford, he meets his wife, a very wealthy heiress and daughter of an Indian billionaire, with whom he will have two children.

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Today’s couple Large real estate assets valued at approximately 17 million euros. During the week Sunak lives in London, in a five-bedroom house in Kensington – one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the capital – worth about 8 million; They spend a weekend in a Georgian manor house in northern England complete with a private lake, pool and tennis court, earning Sunak the nickname Maharaja of Yorkshire; Add to that a guest apartment in central London and a beachfront villa in Santa Monica, California, worth over $6 million.

For this lifestyle, Sunak is seen as one of the secrets of controversiesa person who lives on another planet compared to ordinary people, whose needs are difficult to understand: once he appeared on a construction site in a dress worth 4000 euros and Prada shoes, while in another he posed for a photo with a cup of coffee from 200 euros.

In short, a Davos man More comfortable with bankers than with the man on the street struggling to pay his bills. And always with a ready exit: it turns out that he has a green card, Permanent Residence Permit in the United StatesIt is a kind of insurance policy in case his ambitions are not realized in Britain. Even more criticism was directed at the revelation that his wife evaded taxes in Britain thanks to a legal system that did not allow her to pay anything on more than ten million annual profits.

Politically speaking, Sunak is difficult to classify. His ascent was meteoric, considering that Three years ago he was still an unknown undersecretaryThen his appointment to the position of Chancellor of the Exchequer (i.e. Treasurer) at the beginning of 2020 led to his entry into the skies of British politics.

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It was he who faced pandemic Through a massive public intervention program that pushed the tax burden to its highest level in 70 years. Sunak himself, in words, declares himself an advocate of minimal taxes: but he understands that in the present situation taxes cannot be reduced.

on this you Summer collided with Les Truss
: And the sinking of aesthetics proved to be right. His fans describe him as a pragmatist of principles: guided by some ideas, but ready to adapt them to reality. In 2016, he sided in favor of
Britain’s exit from the European Union: But then he never talked about it, and stayed out of the limelight on the question of relations with Europe.

Now it will be his task to get Great Britain out of the shoals in which it fished and restore the confidence of the markets: Sunak appeals to its efficiency and reliability, but will that be enough?

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