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Goodyear, the tire of the future revolutionizing urban mobility I

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For greater safety and optimal road holding, it goes without saying that cars need to benefit from the best wheel alignment and the most efficient tires: this is revolutionary. any?

Undoubtedly one of the most reliable and historical brands on the world stage regarding car tires, new Year, Planning began future affiliate section substantially. like?

Here come Tires of Tomorrow, a revolutionary new tire That can and should change the way it is conceived as such urban mobility. It’s a Goodyear idea.

Always at the forefront of innovations and improvements, and certainly among the most recognized and safest brands in this category, the new Year Throw a last major jewel to car.

around Urban Max Commuter last frames from new Year Which has all the trappings to consider itself the lever with which to start a truly revolutionary movement in the sector Tires. Why?

Here are the Goodyear Urban Safety Tires

The basic idea through which this new product new Year It is to provide a safe and secure solution permanent This is for travel incity ‚Äč‚Äčarea.

PNEUM- (Motorizum)

The same product, the latest product to arrive from home new Yearspecifically in the motorized flight in urban sprawl, frame, in short, Municipal , If we can define it this way.

It is specially designed for moving vehicles Features Citizens And only next to it, in order to meet the needs of those who, whether they move or not, are widely used road sections.

Optimized for each car model, the new Urbanmax Commuter combines Goodyear’s Electric Drive Ready technology, which can be used in complete safety.

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Urbanmax Commuter, the revolutionary tire of tomorrow

electric, hybrid, car traditional: Every vehicle will be able to benefit from a new Goodyear product that makes it possible, even commercially, to enjoy something extra.

Tires- (motorzoom)
Tires- (motorzoom)

can be exploited in each case It is each user allows, in fact, to improve performance and costs that make the new model He should Almost irreplaceable.

This type of Goodyear tire is also designed to encourage reduced fuel consumption and orient itself on the path of life environmental sustainability which aims to reduce contaminated components.

Resistant, robust, long-lasting, allowing prolonged use and in different situations patterns to Streets Paved or not, a guarantee stabilityAnd safety and hold.

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