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Science, the answer to antidepressants? The predictive algorithm establishes it

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Pictured is Alessio Squasina

Discover predictive algorithm It consists of molecular markers and clinical data, able to identify patients who have a greater likelihood of responding or not responding to a particular antidepressant drug before it is even administered. This is the goal of the project.”Strata PsychologyFunded by the European Union “Horizon-health” With 11 million euros and in coordination Bernard T Bownprofessor of psychiatry allUniversity of Münster (Germany). An international network of experts in pharmacology, pharmacogenetics and psychiatry at 26 universities, research centers and associations across Europe – all with expertise in the psychological, pharmacological, genetic and statistical fields – is working to identify biological and clinical markers that predict resistance to drug therapy in patients with of severe psychiatric illness, as well as response to possible alternative treatment options. The findings could have important implications for patients’ lives, as a psychiatrist can more accurately administer drug treatments based on patients’ biological characteristics, increasing efficacy, reducing the risk of adverse effects and helping achieve faster disease remission. The group includes a team ofUniversity of Cagliari: Alessio SquasinaHead of the Pharmacogenetics Laboratory, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Claudia Pisano (Department of Biomedical Sciences), and multiple clinical researchers Bernardo Carpinello, Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health H Mirco Mancia (Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health). “Understanding whether a person is drug-resistant is a complex process – explains Squasina – which can require very long periods of treatment and monitoring, which end up affecting the patient’s ability to have significant improvement in symptoms and the ability to reintegrate into the social context. Available time “.

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