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Science offers an explanation

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At night, it seems to be getting hotter, even than during the day. Science has found an answer to this phenomenon and it also seems to be raising the alarm that the situation may get worse in the future. So it seems that the difficulties in falling asleep will increase.

The hot It seems the past few months have not left comfort and not even night. In fact, the evenings seem to become more “hotter” and unbearable, which is accompanied by constant difficulty in falling asleep. According to science, there will be one Explanation More than logical for this phenomenon that seems destined to get worse.

as reveals The conversationnew study He would have confirmed that the temperatures at night are increasing rapidly, compared to the temperatures during the day. It seems that the reason lies in they change from my brother. The scientists who conducted the research also explain why this phenomenon cannot be stopped.

What causes heat at night

The scorching heat makes the night more and more UnbearablePrevent Sleeps too much. Heat waves will alter the evenings, recording temperatures that don’t dampen the heat and heat of the day. A study shows that nights get warmer than days. Taking into account the small the changes in Tools And through methods over the past few years, scientists have discovered the severity of this phenomenon. Basically, it appears that the temperatures that occur during the night a plus Furthermore fast and accurate, compared to daytime temperature data.

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According to the researchers who conducted the study, this is caused by they change from my brother. The latter will be responsible for the temperature increase average minimum Nocturnal, which may appear disproportionate to the temperature Maximum today. Moreover, the heat persists at night even after the daytime heat returns to normal; This phenomenon mainly occurs in cityConcrete and asphalt absorb and release heat of the day more slowly at night. phenomenon that has been definedUrban heat island effectwhich occurs to a lesser extent in the regions villager And the Accessories.

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warm climate fan

This phenomenon is recorded in all Italian regions, from north to south, but also abroad. It is a process that does not seem to stop. In fact, given thegeneral increase In temperatures, the temperature must increase at night. By the end of the century, but it cannot be ruled out that this will happen much earlier, if fossil fuel combustion does not decrease, then night temperatures may not fall below 25 ° C. fight climate crisisTherefore, it remains (again) the most appropriate tool to apply.

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