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NHL launches its group NFT

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After seeing Keanu Reeves praising NFTs, another important institution appears set to enter the world of non-fungible tokens: we’re talking about The US National Hockey League, or NHLwhich is preparing to launch its first set of NFTs.

The group was announced during Christmas of the world Not fungi NFT.nycwhere representatives of North America’s top hockey league announced a partnership with . Market Creates one or more groups of irreplaceable symbols. is not, at least for the time being, one of the “big stores” in the NFT virtual store world, being largely overtaken by other platforms, such as OpenSea, Rarible and Nifty Portal.

Apparently, the NHL NFT Collection will relive the cup’s historic moments, turning them into collectibles that will then be sold to the highest bidder. Not only that: The National Hockey League has considered selling 3D replicas of all their prizes and even “3D interactive rooms where users can display their souvenirs, collectibles and mugs”.

However, the NHL’s descent into the NFT world doesn’t surprise anyone: In recent months, in fact, even the MLB has launched a batch of baseball-themed NFTs, while There are already groups operating in the NFL and the National Basketball AssociationSome even have their own market. The UFC even recently launched the UFC Strikers group, while Michael Jordan announced a project in the sports-themed Metaverse.

In short, it seems that the world of American and global sports is starting to emerge Look carefully at the NFT marketespecially for its sales of collectibles, Top Picksplaying cards e goods of various kinds.

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