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Penelope Cruz in Rome in the 1970s for Crialese films – Ultima Ora

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(ANSA) – ROME, Feb. 14 – Penelope Cruz has been nominated for an Academy Award for Madris Parallellas in Italian with The Immensity, the new film directed by Emmanuel Criales whose first picture has been released at Deadline. Currently in post-production, the much-anticipated new work (towards Cannes?) by award-winning director Respiro, Nuovomondo and Terraferma, is set in Rome in the 1970s.

The Borghetti family has just moved into one of the city’s many newly constructed apartment buildings. Despite the new arrangement, on the top floor of a new apartment overlooking the whole city, Clara (Cruz) and Felice (Vincenzo Amato) are no longer in love, but are unable to leave each other. Clara finds sanctuary in her solitude by taking refuge in the special relationship with her three children. The eldest, Adriana, an unknown child in their new neighborhood, deliberately introduces herself as the neighborhood’s children’s boy, pushing the family bond to the breaking point.

Written with Francesca Manieri and Vittorio Moroni, produced by Mario Gianni and Lorenzo Gangarosa for Wildside with Dimitri Painter for the second chapter. France 3 Cinemas and Pathé are also co-producing in France and Pathé will distribute the film in France and Switzerland. (Dealing).

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