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Nuclear Fusion, as she talks about her new song. an interview

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Stars are the result of nuclear fusion, while leaving them like a kite can create fusion of souls. Sometimes we lie to ourselves but love doesn’t deceive us, it makes us shine like little stars. This is the emotional thread of nuclear fusionthe new song from calmAnd the Recorder Marco Barbieri.

Hi Marco, let’s start with the story and song selection. In writing, how has it changed compared to the first draft of 2019?
She was born that year as her first audition. We’ve now touched on a little bit of crafting, more than anything else that’s been done in production because there was only one beta. I wrote it with Bungaro, Chiodo, and Rakele. We wanted to talk about the beauty of the little things that often get lost in a love story. We feel powerful in the apartment is a powerful and symbolic phrase: being close to the ones you love changes the vision of even four walls. I also wanted to give continuity with patternContinuity is better than a summer piece. It helps prove the growth trajectory at least for me.
Why Calma?
It stands because it is still my soul. At certain times I save and repeat it to myself when everything is always going.
How important was the London period in your career?
It gave me the strength to believe it for the first time. The scholarship was unexpected, I was in the very beginning of the writing stage, and I didn’t think I was recognized with such credibility. This was the first time I had now told myself that I could believe it. Then he gave me an important vision of live music, in Italy there is one piano bar and the big concert, there you will find many intermediate steps.
“It makes us feel good to be alone for a while.” Do you think the period we came from taught us to love each other more?
He could have done it, but it didn’t go well because what I heard and what I experienced in being alone for so long had shown the weaknesses. But it’s the first step in learning to love yourself. It is not the goal. It wasn’t easy for me, and I know it.
Kites fly without a course: is love like that?
For the passion and intensity that keep the flame alive, it’s a pathless journey that charts an unknown and unexpected path, scratches the sky, and scratches life in a good way.
What can a city kill you in?
When you grow up in a context, as in Pesaro, always seeing the same faces can kill stimuli. A lot can be reflected in this vision because many understand that the world is narrow and sometimes getting away gives you a sense of roots. I think of Joyce Dublin.
Do you know how to hide your fears and weaknesses well or do you have to share them to overcome them?
You need the right person who doesn’t have to be the same. He must be able to listen to them and turn them into strengths. Let them become points of light as I say in the song.
Is the crystal core frozen, cold, or a precious one that needs to be protected?
value for protection. A gem can shatter and therefore you need to take care of it. Emotions in the heart.
I think the concept of summer expressed in the song is a metaphor for saying we need to live: what is your generation not listening to today and therefore unable to live fully?
There is really a need to live. It should also be deep in different ways. It’s a consumer generation too in its sentiments. There are different intensity and duration in feelings that are not recognized in us. Friendship and love work like this and we don’t decide either: time passes away from us and therefore we must live it because otherwise we don’t realize the beauty and strength they leave even if the story lasts only one day. Then the progress of relations must be considered: the dogma of individual and lasting friendships resists, that of which one must close one’s eyes to errors. On the other hand, friendship can be just as important even if it ends.
Think too White blood cells And the For me you are too muchLove Is Essential In Your Words: Is it hard to write about love in the season of social media?
Sometimes it is and I don’t recognize myself in the age of social media. I use it, be it Shiro, I’m not being hypocritical. I loved to live in the age of handwritten letters.
In the two quoted passages, she talks about the consequences of love in nuclear fusion Instead, you are inside history: what has changed?
It has changed because love is what you live for nuclear fusion At least as ambitious. But I accept that I can lead to suffering. White blood cells It’s a nostalgic cry, For me you are too much It’s relationship awareness…it’s nuances.
Loving Makes You Vulnerable: How Do You Feel That Way?
In assigning my thoughts, my weaknesses, my dreams, or something important to keep me alive. Assigning someone to try to extend the life of a story has always frightened me: I live beauty with the worry that it might expire and lose its value. Even if it isn’t forever, it must have value.
What will happen in the next few weeks?
The goal is to give my audience the opportunity to grow and give them material to understand who Calma is and who Marco is. Then I would like to do a live show to be close to the audience. We’re thinking about a fall tour in the meantime, intending to come up with another song.

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