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Banks and retirees will have a problem

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No good news coming for account holders. It also predicts problems for many retirees. Here’s what happens


They are waiting pungent Important for those who have Bank account in the bank. Indeed, there is no good news for Italian consumers and taxpayers. a Economic situation which still interfere in the daily lives of citizens.

In fact, they are coming Effect On Current accounts And the interest rates, which will exacerbate the already worrisome financial situation. But it is up now Banks And when it opens, there will be many Even for retirees.

Banks and retirees will have a problem

The economically difficult moment continues for millions of Italian citizens. to me Dear Energy The one that hit our country a few months ago has been echoed Rising prices to fuel And the Raw materials. But not only that, it seems that there will be additional difficulties regarding Banks And many problems for retirees.

In fact, they expect More than the account you manage Because of the additional commissions stipulated in contracts with banks. Apparently, this is a method that banking institutions will adopt to recover part of profitability It is hampered by the difficult economic situation.

a Transfer By the banks that are judged by many disputeable. Initiative mode discussion Also by Altroconsumo and especially by Anna Vizzari, Economist at the Association’s Research Office. The researcher, in fact, confirms the fact that the case of negative rates is not new at the last minute.


In fact, the cost increase appears to have started as early as the beginning of 2022, and it particularly affected retired. In fact, a average increase subordinate 13% On online accounts, while at the counter if there is an increase in 5%. But those affected, in addition to retirees, are families experiencing moderate increases in 12% online and 2% on the counter.

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To date, many accounts are online, which seemed to be free, to Pay As early as 2021. Moreover, the demand for Annual fee about the cards of debts which was previously included in current account expenses. Finally, there are increments for a single item such as i Telegraphic Transfers It can be achieved on home banking.

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