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Air Transat returns to connect Canada with Italy from April 9

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We start again from where we left off in 2020: Air exchangeFor the 4th time in a row The best air travel and vacations in the world according to SkytroxHis continues Direct links between Canada and Italy 13 weekly flights from three airports from April to October.

It starts on April 9th Rome – MontrealFollowed closely on April 17th, with 4 weekly frequencies Rome – Toronto, Flying every day except Wednesday and Saturday. Then that’s the time VeniceIt flies above Toronto Tuesdays May 3 and on Montreal On Mondays and Fridays from May 6th. Finally, from June 9th to October 26th, there is a weekly flight From Lamezia Terme to Toronto. Convenient attachments allow you to continue to Vancouver or Calgary, but basically it operates with the Airbus A330-200 and A330-300 in leather seats with a 3-3-3 configuration and economy and 2-2-2 club class. .

“I want to make it clear that it is ours Club class This may be similar to a premium product in terms of sessions With 12 reclining chairs And the footrests are adjustable in six levels, but our service is business class: exclusive cabin with spacious seating, two dishes with select wines, unique 13.3 “touch screens, USB sockets, convenience kit for loading from 23kg to 2 suitcases, and preferably check-in. Everything is affordable, ”he tells us Tiziana della SerraDirector of Sales and Marketing Air exchange And Managing Director Rephouse. “Because the fees are one of our strengths and I hope they will be a great incentive to book. They are very competitive (around € 350 in the economy class for a budget fee in the low season, et al.) They offer a service that has nothing to do with low rates.

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Tiziana Della Serra, Managing Director of Rephouse and Sales and Marketing Director of Air Transat.

In addition to the favorable entry level ratio, Air Transat focuses Flexibility. In the economy, three tariff levels have already been introduced in 2019: Echo BudgetIt does not allow for seat selection or luggage, Echo Standard And Flexibility. The Eco Standard allows you to choose between the cheapest (and best-selling) and the most stable seat, 23kg luggage and 10kg luggage based on value for money. An example? By the same May date considered for the environmental budget, the standard will cost only அதிகம் 150 more (491). It is important to note, for both budget and fixed fees. Tickets can be exchanged without penaltyWithout prejudice to the fare difference from flight to flight.

Finally there is the charge Flexibility This includes other advantages, such as the ability to pick up any seat at no extra charge, extra legroom and the ability to load two 23kg suitcases. The rate of service is also very interesting Club classAlso rejected in Standard and Flex, the May example cost around 1300 per tour.

Another strong point of focus for the company Consistency. Air Transat is currently updating its fleet with the introduction Airbus A321 NeoLR Some connections are already active (and currently in line 15) and will be enabled Biofuels. In this sense, it is important to underline the trade agreement made in November 2021 SAF + FederationThe Quebec-based company plans to buy 90% of the sustainable biofuels produced by SAF + at its first plant in the first fifteen years. The agreement, which also includes support for the development of the project, confirms Air Transat’s firm commitment to a Reduce its environmental footprint And continue to take action against climate change. Should bring the goal of SAF + Synthetic fuel By 2025-2026, there will be 80% less carbon footprint than fossil fuels, which will capture 120,000 tons of CO2 per year. SAF +’s technology is to produce synthetic liquid fuel by capturing and combining CO2 from industrial sources with green hydrogen produced in Quebec.

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“This deal is an important part of us Strategy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. SAF +’s technology approach greatly contributes to the effort to decorbonize the aviation sector and we are proud to develop solid solutions that allow us to provide our customers with a low carbon travel experience, ”he declared. Annick GuardChairman and CEO of Transat.

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