November 30, 2023

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It looks like Motorola, but it’s not – you’ll never guess what! Spoiler: A cult movie has something to do with it

It looks like Motorola, but it’s not – you’ll never guess what!  Spoiler: A cult movie has something to do with it

He finds it in a box years and years later, but can’t figure out what the thing is. At first glance it looks like a Motorola cell phone, but it’s not!

That’s really true: me social networksWhen used appropriately, they make life easier. They help solve questions that turn out not only to torment us, but to stimulate discussion, dust off fond memories, and create unexpected virtual communities. Women know this very well with the help of TwitterKing of social networks owned by His Majesty Elon MuskShe managed to solve a mysterious mystery that she couldn’t solve alone. Something that is found years later, perhaps locked away in a box, or forgotten on a library shelf and ignored by everyone.

One fine day someone stops by to watch him. Then he turns it over in his hands and asks himself: But what the hell is this?
At first glance it looks like one Strange grater. But that is clearly not the case. Also because the part with holes, with a flick of the wrist, lifts up like a flutter, revealing strange, seemingly useless keys. It is somewhat similar to the structure Old style Motorola mobile phone: do you remember? But no, it’s not even a tiny cell phone classic. real puzzle. The aforementioned oddity is the following:

The protagonist is desperate and devoured by curiosity Then it switches to Twitter. He uploads the two photos to his profile and enlists the help of the Home Audience. “Can someone tell me what this is?Asks. And the answer did not last long. To the complete surprise of the woman.

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It’s not a Motorola, but it’s an object… astral

The mystery has been revealed by more than one user. The post has aroused a lot of curiosity, and among those who have wondered in search of an answer, pondering the appearance, shape and color of the object in question, the solution finally appears.
The mysterious and strange stranger is none other than the very famous Star Trek communicator. If you are a fan of the series and the movie religious sect American, you will definitely remember this Fancy technology device.

It was used by members of the star crew to communicate with each other. The device came introduced for the first time In the original Star Trek series in 1966 He went on to appear in all subsequent series and later released films of the same name for years to come. However, Motorola in this speech has something to do: We got close. In fact, the design of the communicator was affected by Motorola SC-300 walkie-talkie used before crew during the filming of the series. The communicator, in turn, was inspired by the design of some modern mobile phones.

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