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Russo-Ukrainian War, live coverage – Mariupol: “21 thousand civilians killed.” Kyiv: “700,000 deported to Russia.” Putin: “The Bucha massacre? Wrong”

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Pro-Russian Kyiv deputy arrested

Security services in Kyiv arrested a pro-Russian Ukrainian MP Victor MedvedchukMember of the pro-Russian party Platform lifelong opposition who was charged with treason and escape from house arrest in February. Announced by the Ukrainian President on Telegram Volodymyr Zelensky. The independent Kyiv newspaper published a photo of Medvedchuk in the uniform of the Ukrainian armed forces. The deputy, one of the most prominent pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, is suspected of being involved in a series of attacks crimes against the National Security. On October 8, 2021, Medvedchuk was charged with high treason, aiding and abetting a terrorist organization, and therefore placed under house arrest.

Usage: “Chemical Gas Protection Kits Provided”

We supplied Ukraine equipment To protect against chemical weapons.” The US State Department spokesman said that Ned Price Sometime with the press without giving an exact list of what the US sent to the Ukrainians but presumably it’s about gas masksallowances and other equipment.

United States: “Potential use of chemicals”

The United State They have “reliable information” about whether Russia is using “Chemical agents” In attack to beat Mariupol. The foreign minister said that, Anthony Blinken, specifying that we “shared this information with Ukraine”. We are in direct contact with allies To determine what will happen,” he added, stressing that this possibility “is really a concern.” However, Blinken said he could not confirm allegations that Russia had indeed used chemical weapons in the besieged city.

Macron: “Putin has decided he will not stop”

Russian President Vladimir Putin I decided that Will not stop” Because he “needs a military victory”, although he “confessed that Ukraine will not succumb.” The French president said that Emmanuel Macron In an interview with the weekly newspaper Le Point, according to which Mariupol represents the Russian president “perhaps an obsession because it is a symbol of Ukraine that opposes it.” “I believe very little in our country collective ability To put it around the short-term negotiating table.

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Mayor of Mariupol: “The homes of 84 thousand citizens were destroyed”

“to Mariupol houses 84 thousand citizensabout two million square meters: it is needed $2.3 billion To rebuild these housing and create at least basic living conditions. ”The mayor of Mariupol said this in an interview with a Ukrainian website Vadim Boychenko He assessed the destruction inflicted on the city a month after the Russian siege. “According to preliminary estimates, the general need for the restoration of the city’s infrastructure rose to 12.5 billion dollars – he determined – the only special operation successfully conducted by Putin was a special operation to destroy Mariupol and kill civilians. Germany in 1941 seemed indomitable. But in the end the evil was punished. For decades, the Germans have paid reparations. This is how it will be for Russia. They will pay for everything. ”

Pentagon: Mariupol is still in dispute

“Our assessment is that Mariupol It is still in dispute and Ukrainian forces are fighting to defend it from the Russians.” Spokesperson pentagonalJohn Kirby at a press conference on the progress of the war in Ukraine. And he said again: “For the troops of Moscow, it is very important to conquer it, for their offensive in the Donbass, but Ukraine has not yet given up the city, and we are not going to give it up.” “Russia does not respect the lives of civilians and unfortunately innocent Ukrainians are paying the price,” he added. A Pentagon spokesperson said, John Kirbyin a press briefing.

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Mayor of Mariupol: “We are working on recording crimes”

“We will organize humanitarian sites to support refugees from Mariupol Across the country, a ZaporizhiaIn the Dniproin Western Ukraine – explains Mayor de Mariupol, Vadim Boychenko – We record the crimes about which we have news, we document the evils of the Russians and their collaborators and we will pass them on to the police.” Boychenko several times returned to talk about “Russian collaborators”, or traitors: “The war has shown who it is, there are the little ones who are actually the big ones. and adults who turned out to be young.”

Caritas Mariupol: “Two of our collaborators have been deported to Russia”

“two of us female workers It has been Forcibly Brought RussiaThis was stated by the director Caritas Mariupol, R.; Rostislav Sprynyukin an interview with TV 2000. The two women were at the Caritas Ukraine headquarters in Mariupol where seven people (two Ukrainian Caritas workers who had taken refuge there with their families) died under the strikes of a Russian tank. “They were forcibly taken to Russia – the director repeats – he calls them Russian soldiers”voluntary eviction‘But when eviction is under threat sprinklers It cannot be called “optional”. The two workers explained the director of Caritas in Mariupol – who conducted the interview TV 2000Expected night from Tg2000will be broadcast in full tomorrow April 13th at 3.15pm on We Us – “They were in the Caritas Center but in another building. They were rescued because they were under the stairs. They were covered in rubble but they managed to make their way out. We can’t reveal Their names so we don’t endanger them.”

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Steinmeier: There is no return to normal with Russia under Putin

“There can be no going back to normal with Russia under put it in. Russian war crimes in Ukraine before the eyes of the world, ”said today A Warsaw President of the German Republic Frank Walter Steinmeierduring a press conference with the Polish President Andre Duda. “This barbarism must end, and this can only happen if President Putin orders his army to stop the weapons,” Steinmeier added. The German head of state said that war crimes “must be documented and clarified. The perpetrators, the politically responsible people, must be held accountable.” Steinmeier then asked Moscow to allow an immediate humanitarian evacuation of the residents of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

400 civilians killed in Severodonetsk since the beginning of the war

on 400 civilian burials Found in Severodonetskin the Lugansk region of eastern Ukraine, in Donbasssince the beginning of the war. This was stated by the head of the regional military administration of LuhanskSerhi Haidai, citingUkrainska PravdaHe explained that most of these bodies have been identified

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