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Israel-Hamas war today’s news | British and American operation against the Houthis

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Biden: “A broad offer from Israel in three stages”

Israel offered a “broad new” ceasefire offer to Hamas. This was announced by the American President Joe Biden. The agreement consists of three phases and includes “returning all hostages to their homes, guaranteeing Israel’s security, creating a better future in Gaza without Hamas in power, and laying the foundations for a political solution that ensures a better future for Israelis and not for the Israelis.” Biden said.
Biden announced, “Israel – as Biden announced – has now presented a new comprehensive proposal. It is a road map towards a permanent ceasefire and the release of all hostages. Qatar has conveyed this proposal to Hamas.”
“This new proposal includes three phases: The first phase will last six weeks and will include a comprehensive and complete ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from all populated areas in Gaza, and the release of a certain number of hostages, including women, the elderly, and wounded in exchange for the release of hundreds Palestinian prisoners,” stressing that American hostages will be among those released in this first stage. Moreover, the remains of some of the dead hostages will be returned to their families, going some way to containing the terrible pain.
“Palestinian civilians will return to their homes in all areas of Gaza, including the north, and humanitarian aid will increase with 600 trucks transporting aid to Gaza every day. During the first phase, which will last six weeks, Israel and Hamas will negotiate agreements.” Biden said: “It is necessary to reach the second phase, which is a permanent cessation of hostilities.”
The President then admitted that this additional round of negotiations would be difficult and explained that the proposal on the table would allow the first phase to be extended beyond six weeks, on the condition that negotiations between Israel and Hamas continue. Biden said that the United States, Egypt and Qatar will work to ensure that the talks continue until an agreement is reached. Once these conditions are completed, the second phase can begin, which will see the release of all living Israeli hostages, including male soldiers. Biden said that during this phase, Israeli forces will also withdraw from Gaza.
“If Hamas fulfills its obligations, the temporary ceasefire will become permanent,” Biden said, citing the text of the agreement.
“Finally, in the third phase, a major plan to rebuild Gaza will begin and the remains of the last hostages killed will be returned to their families,” Biden said. “This is the offer we have on the table.”

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