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Blues fear no one anymore! – OA game

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Program, Schedules, TV and Streaming of Italy-Canada – Women’s Curling World Championship Program, Schedules, TV and Streaming – Presentation of the Women’s World Curling Championship – Italy’s Team for the World Curling Championship – Women’s Tournament Favorites World Cup Curling – Chronicle Italy-Turkey – Chronicle Italy-South Korea – Chronicle Italy-Germany

Good evening and welcome to the live streaming of the fourth qualifying match for the 2023 Sweden Women’s Championship between Italy and Canada. Italy has made a strong start to the 2023 Women’s Curling World Championship with two wins.Taking place in Sandvkisen (Sweden) from 18 to 26 March.

The national team has everything it takes to be a protagonist on the Scandinavian ice Reached fourth place at the European Championships five months ago. Facing the Blues Twelve other teams In a particularly intense round robin, but with all the evidence to approach the knockout stage: The top two ranked teams go directly to the semifinals, while the teams ranked between third and sixth play a playoff, which rewards the other two passes.

The team leader is Stefania ConstantiniOlympic champion in mixed doubles with Amos Mosner (now the pair has split, he will take part in the special world championships paired with Sebastiano Arman, winner of the recent national championship). Venice, already avoided during the last European ChampionshipContributed Raise the status of a particularly close group And now the ability to express themselves at higher levels: after reaching tenth place last year, our standard bearers will try to take an important step forward. Stefania Constantini has also joined Marta Lo Deserto, Angela Romi, Giulia Jardini Lacetelli and Camilla Gilberti from Reserve.

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Anna Hasselborg’s Sweden, Silvana Trinzoni’s Switzerland, Rebecca Morrison’s Scotland and Kerry Einarsson’s Canada are favorites on Eve. Satsuki Fujisawa’s Japan, Seungyoun Ha’s South Korea, Madeleine Dupont’s Denmark and Daniela Jentsch’s Germany will also be seriously feared. Tabitha Peterson’s question mark over the USA, Turkey, New Zealand and Norway seem to be taking a step back. The Azzurri, who made their debut last year with an emphatic defeat of Sweden, did not live up to the high expectations of strong Canadian, bronze opponents this morning, but then lost the match against the United States.

OA Sport offers live streaming of the fourth qualifying match for the 2023 Sweden Women’s Championship between Italy and Canada: News in real time, end by end, stone by stone, so you don’t miss a thing. Starts at 9.00. Have a good time.

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