Home sport RSM Football, Cosmos-Virtus is the main match of the week

RSM Football, Cosmos-Virtus is the main match of the week

RSM Football, Cosmos-Virtus is the main match of the week

No doubt about it Virtus-Cosmos is the most interesting match of the weekend. A clash will develop at the top Tomorrow in Montecchio (3.00 pm)The Berardi and Pezzotto squads will meet for the third time this season. Coppa Titano’s antecedents pushed BKN301’s Virtus into the quarter-finals, ordering the elimination of Gialloverdi – who had revolutionized in the summer to face a season as champions as it actually happens in the league. Although they are left out of the Midweek Cup commitment, they will arrive at the delicate showdown with one game less in legs than Virtus who will face their third challenge in seven days.

La Fiorita will also be on the field tomorrow, hoping for an undefeated Virtus in the big contemporary match at Montecchio – a condition that, if successful, would guarantee primacy even pending the surviving turnaround. Join Fiorentino with Faetano (3:00 p.m.), and the defending champions are seeking their fourth consecutive win., after the measurements obtained with Fiorentino, Libertas and Pennarossa. But beware of Faetano dello Unleash MimaHe is the top scorer in the league, on par with Bin Qasim and Prandelli (7). Albanian, who is also the protagonist of NAT of San Marino, comes from Three consecutive brackets With San Giovanni, Pinarossa and Juvenis Dogana after a match marked by a goal and two assists with Fiorentino. All of this in the last five matches, which also took place 2-0 against Morata. Team Girolomoni is healthy and, after a limbo start, is starting to produce results that have propelled them to sixth place in the standings.

In search of an exact identity for Libertas and Domagnano. The technical revolution at Borgo Maggiore, which led Sperindio to replace Cardini on the bench, seemed to have given the appropriate shock. After an undeserved defeat in the tournament against Tre Pene, Granata had an impact in the first leg of the quarter-final against La Fiorita. Domagnano’s Test (tomorrow, 3:00pm at Acquaviva) aims to be a comeback to success for Titano’s oldest club. The same imminent game approach for Amadori’s men, coming back from straight defeats to the Cosmos and Tre Fiore with a score of 2-1.

they want instead Giving up the penultimate place in the standings, Morata and Kailungo. If they are paired with 6 points, they may end up sharing last place – in the event of a tie Tomorrow in Domagnano (3.00 pm) and Fiorentino’s subsequent success in Sunday’s derby. Five defeats in a row for the Bianconeri, who suffered in the middle of the week Titan Cup BKN301 1-1 with Folgore – rest this weekend. On the other hand, Kailungu was able to focus on this challenge to prepare to return to success and break the losing streak (2), after the five points it got with Domagnano, Benarossa and Libertas.

eyes on Fiorentino castle derbyregarding the offer Sunday. At 15:00, obviously in Federico Crescentini, the team of Selva and Malandri will confront each other with goals of different scope, but united by the need to pursue success. For Tre Fiori, that is Extending the winning streakThe only ones to win the last five of the tournament, the Giallopo also narrowly beat Virtus in the first leg of the Titano Cup quarter-final BKN301. The ranking sees them at -2 of leaders La Fiorita and paired with Cosmos who have yet to notice the shift left compared to Andy Fiorentino and Montegiardino. Instead, Colagiovanni and his associates are going to shut down a awesome cycleWhich led them to a confrontation respectively in the top four in the ranking. Despite excellent performances with La Fiorita (1-2, unfortunately) and Tre Pene (1-1), the last match was a heavy defeat against Cosmos (0-4).

In the field Moreover Tre Penne Sunday (Montecchio, 3:00 p.m.), coming back from the first defeat of the season – suffered at the hands of Juvenice Dogana in the cup. Ceci’s team remains undefeated in the tournament, with a delay of three points from La Fiorita and one point from Cosmos-Tre Fiori. in front of a A tough and square opponent like San GiovanniWhich showed that he does not have half measures: no draw in the league against four wins and five defeats. Tognacci’s Rossoneri are currently seventh and will be back In the field three weeks after the last time The remaining accomplices are rosy and discontinued from the national team’s obligations.

Juvenes-Dogana and Pennarossa round out the program (Sundays in Montecchio, 3:00 p.m.). Both coming back from the fluctuations of performance that have landed them in the middle of the table, they have the qualities one could imagine. normal chapter near the playoff threshold. Recently, Juvenes-Dogana have shown that they can also compete with formations designed to win (see 3-1 in the cup with Tre Penne), except for faltering in matches where the Serravalle club started with expectations factors. In short, the crossing and the joy of a mortal replay phase that risks confusion when the distances – in the corresponding half – are significantly reduced. Pennarossa, on the other hand, have some problems getting the results together and Massimo Gori’s debut off the bench didn’t help reverse the result. direction Immediately. Despite having the third-best offense and most defense out of the line-ups immediately below the play-off zone, Benarossa have managed just three wins, not to mention the one point they have picked up in the previous five matches.


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