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Benfica – Juventus without goal-line technology due to a technical problem – OA Sport

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Within hours of kick-off, UEFA announced that Tonight’s Champions League match between Benfica and Juventus will be played without the help of goal-line technology. A technical problem to be reckoned with, that would put Serbian referee Serjan Jovanovic and especially his assistants in difficulty.

According to a UEFA press release, it is clear that the Portuguese club – without the knowledge of UEFA itself and the supplier of goal-line technology – commissioned work on the Da Luz stadium in Lisbon which rendered the technological system of the lines unusable. The door is already installed.

It will not be possible to replace and install a new system in time before the start of the gamescheduled for 21.00 this evening, so the referee will have to dispense with the watch that alerts him when the ball completely crosses the goal line.

Champions League calendar today: Match times Tuesday 25 October, who plays, TV, programme, broadcasts of Canale5 and Sky

The Confederation uses the so-called eye-hook system, which uses seven cameras managed by a control program. UEFA has determined that this problem has already occurred in other matches in the past.

Photo: La Presse

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