Home Top News Rondotasosa, new single “Ready 4 War” and… a world tour!

Rondotasosa, new single “Ready 4 War” and… a world tour!

Rondotasosa, new single “Ready 4 War” and… a world tour!

It was surprisingly announced on the artiste’s social profiles from today, February 2, 2023 Thursday It is available “Ready 4 War”New single signed Rondotasosa Together with the young talents of Zone 9 ARTIE 5IV.

The new song joins the original tracklist Baby ditchesReleased last November 4, 2022, the RM4E/Seven 7oo collaboration rapper’s gold-certified debut album immediately flew to that status. No. 1 in the FIMI/Gfk rankings And inside Top 10 Spotify Global World’s First Albums.

This is a valuable list “Trench’s Baby” – Dasup, Kali, Lhasa, Cabo Plaza, Vale Pain, Rose Villain and international rap stars Gaso and Russ Millions – is completed with “Ready 4 War” diverts attention in the name of Artie 5iveAmong the emerging faces of the Milanese scene, Rondota Sousa chose to be his trench mate in a new battle of rhymes and flow.

Both artists express their style on an energetic and aggressive basis “Ready 4 War” A declaration of true intent by Rondota Sosa and Arty 5ive, ready to secure their place on the captured scene after many struggles.

Their protest stories are also dyed in itA single artwork Blue and red, the representative colors of the two artists, this unprecedented Italian scene gives form to the graphic aspect, with one of the most important in the current panorama between the new face of RT 5ive, even beyond the borders. .

Rondota Sosa, new single “Ready 4 War” and dates on the Trenches Tour…worldwide!

Rondota Sosa also officially announced his departure A tour of the trenchesOrganized concerts Live Nation And he will have an opportunity to present from this February All over the world Excerpts from the introductory program “Trench’s Baby”. The artist will also be in line Rolling loud in PortugalOne of the most important hip hop festivals in the world, scheduled for July 5-7, 2023.

Here are all the confirmed appointments:

24/02 – Zurich, Switzerland – Flamingo
25/02 – Munich, Germany – Pandora Club
01/03 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Vega
03/03 – Rome, Italy – Orion
10/03 – Turin, Italy – Furiglass Festival
12/03 – Milan, Italy – Fabric
25/03 – Locarno, Switzerland – Vanilla
01/04 – Warsaw, Poland – Very difficult
06/04 – Toronto, Canada – Riot
07/04 – Montreal, Canada – Theater Paradoxe
26/05 – Barcelona, ​​Spain – Fuego / Razzmatazz
5-7/07 – Portimão, Portugal – Rolling Loud Festival


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