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A house in the Apennines? The non-reimbursable grant of up to 30 thousand euros

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Through the collective experience of smart work to counter the infection from Covid, many Italians have re-valued life in villages and small municipalities, away from the chaos of the city with the possibility of benefiting from large living spaces and clean air. For all those who dream of living in mountain villages, there is now a particularly interesting feature: a bonus of up to 30 thousand euros for the purchase of a house. It was launched by the Emilia-Romagna region as part of a resettlement project for some municipalities in the Apennines. It is not the first experiment of its kind in Italy, in recent years there have been many initiatives to try to repopulate abandoned villages: the most famous – although not universally successful – is the “One Euro House” experiment, launched from many small towns in Peninsula, from north to south.

Already in 2020, Emilia-Romagna herself launched a resettlement initiative similar to the current one (cash waivers for home purchase): 2,300 applications arrived, 687 were accepted. Now we start again. On the board there is a total of 5 million euros for a non-repayable grant.

where is she

There are 121 mountain municipalities in Emilia-Romagna where you can take advantage of the discount. For the full list, see the region’s website.


The amount of contribution that can be obtained is not fixed and depends on the value of the house to be purchased. The bid grants 50% of the purchase price with a maximum of 30 thousand euros and a minimum of 10 thousand euros.

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The facility cannot be requested with bonuses aimed at restructuring and it is necessary to settle in the municipality for a period of five years, without the possibility of reselling or renting the purchased house until the expiry of that period.


Contribution is not for everyone. There are some requirements regarding age and income: applicants must be under 40 years old (born on January 1, 1982), reside or work in Emilia-Romagna with a family of less than 50 thousand euros per year.

any dwellings

The contribution is paid if one hundred percent of the house is purchased, which must already be registered and have cadastral classification A/2, A/3, A/4, A/5, A/6 and A/7. You cannot buy homes from relatives First-degree (parents for example).

the question

It must be submitted on the dedicated online platform which can be accessed from the website of the Emilia-Romagna region. It will be possible to do so from the 12th of next October.


If applications exceed the available spending limit, some preferential scores will be ranked, based on the applicant’s age (those under 30 will have more points) and presence of children. More points also for those who already have an activity in the municipality of Apennine. The arrangement will be available for a period of 12 months, after this period the positions are canceled.

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