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A 43-year-old DJ was found dead in a forest unharmed

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kidnapped With his girlfriend outside the house and found Die In the woods a few days later. The body was recovered from police near Luton, North London, is Koray Albergen, a 43-year-old famous DJ of Turkish origin, owner of Bizim FM station. Since Thursday, he and his partner have not told any news. Today the man’s body was found lifeless. On the other hand, the woman was unharmed.

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what happened

On Saturday, police reported that a man and a woman had disappeared in Essex, without revealing the names of the two people, The Sun wrote. About 24 hours later, officers discovered the body of one of them and arrested three men, on suspicion of murder. The victim is Koray Albergen, a 43-year-old Turkish DJ who lives in London, but with a large following in his home country. The rather “positive” conclusion of the victim’s partner, found alive and unharmed.

Three men arrested

The three defendants are currently in the custody of law enforcement authorities and are under interrogation. In the meantime, an autopsy was ordered on the corpse to determine the cause of death. The two were allegedly kidnapped and put into a truck parked in front of the house against their will, as confirmed by the police inspector handling the case.

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