Friday, April 12, 2024

Ponzanelli: “More interest in all sports besides hockey”

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“Hockey Sarzana is the pride of our city, for the extraordinary goals achieved at the national and European level and for the undoubted positive impact that all this has brought on our territory. The interest of management has been greater, as never before, to finally redevelop the building after years of neglect The dream is a completely new hockey rink, but we cannot focus all administrative measures on this. This was stated by Luca Ponzanelli, the candidate of the outgoing municipal council in the upcoming elections with the list of Avanti Sarzana!
“There are other sports – he emphasizes – other associations, other members that deserve a lot of attention, even more than what has happened in recent years. There are economic difficulties, in a complex period, at amateur and non-amateur level, all over Italy. There are difficulties with sports facilities, Which needs to be addressed. There is a need to upgrade better and get more people involved. We need to ‘presence’, a ‘consortium’. To seek public funding and perhaps be more attractive to private investment. To improve systems and give a chance to those who don’t have it. To compete better At the provincial and regional levels. To face everyday difficulties – he concludes – even the smallest ones. This should be the direction for the next five years of municipal administration. “

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