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Ketchup Flavored Ice Cream: Summer’s innovation hails from Canada

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Popular American condiment brand French has turned their ketchup into a popsicle.

Comes from Canada Summer’s novelty, il Ketchup flavored ice cream by the French. The American condiment brand has actually created the highly questionable (and indeed debated) Spiced Tomato Popsicle, reminiscent of the Queen of Sauces.

It’s called the “Frenchsicle,” and it’s only distributed in a limited edition in Canada, but it’s been such a hit — even with the public, it seems — that the innovation has gotten, and it’s not ruled out that it might soon be exported elsewhere.

“Hey Canadian friends, your favorite topping just got a whole new treat,” French wrote in a social media post to kick off the gimmick.

Choosing Canada as the starting point for testing a new ketchup-based product is no accident: Canadians are crazy about ketchup, with a recent survey confirming that most Canadians (79%) love or adore it. Ketchup. “I love creating innovative treats that appeal to the diverse tastes of Canada,” says Leela Kesavji, founder of Happy Pops, the ice cream brand that partnered with the French to create the ketchup popsicle. “I can’t wait for people to try this popsicle-turned-dressing.”

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