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Not just hockey: «The HCL in Lugano Marittima? The project dates back to two years ago.”

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Marco Werder, CEO of Juventus, also spoke of Thorkov in the national team: “We are happy to bet on him.”

Director: “Very bad about being excluded from CdM, because the successes of Switzerland have the potential to make hockey more popular in our latitudes.”

LUGANO – Today – Friday 27 May – an informal conversation took place with Lugano’s senior management at “Casetta 41” – managed by HCL – in the Lugano Marittima region.

The Juventus world was present with CEO Marco Werder, COO Jean-Jacques Eichlemann, General Motors Henat Domenicelli and head coach of the first team Chris Maxorley, as well as players who are currently training in the new light of the sport. season. “In fact, it has already been two years since we have this plan to come to Lugano Marittima,” Werder’s words. “Instead, it has been in the drawer all this time, but now we have dusted it off, and we are so happy to be here, in our city, showing how beautiful it is again. In this particularly informal environment, fans can also connect – and develop their passion for hockey – with our players and staff at a particularly relaxing time of the year. summer period? It’s too long for us. Between the moment the World Cup takes place and the start of the next season, we have plenty of time to rethink a little bit about all our models.”

Switzerland’s defeat in the Finnish CdM at the hands of the USA (0-3) is still a cause for debate…it was the episodes that made the difference. I struggled in front of the TV, especially during the first half. Too bad because the successes of the national team of course have the potential to make hockey more popular in our latitudes. However, I think the first part of the World Championships was an excellent advertisement for what ice hockey is all about. Thürkauf? We are happy to focus on him and it is clear that Domenicelli has seen us for a long time. We knew he had huge potential, even if he struggled after the injury he had. McSorley was also good at giving him confidence and putting him on the right track at the right time for what his characteristics are. He has now become one of the pillars of the national team and also in Italy he has shown his value and how important he is for the future.”

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