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New blow to sports cars

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Hard times for fans of high-performance engines and unlimited sports cars. Unfortunately this is a mantra we often repeat, and it always hurts when there are clear confirmations of a collapse from the world: in Canada, for example, they The Audi RS3 and TT RS are definitely dead.

Two high-performance sports cars have disappeared from the German manufacturer’s current Canadian list and the reason was soon stated: new environmental laws They will no longer allow Audi’s 5-cylinder engine to live without punishment, Which is why the company decided to reduce the models. The message was unofficially filtered Reddit, More than one user complained about missing cars; Audi has not released any official information regarding this, but it seems that dealers have got information explaining about the two models. They can no longer be sold in the country Because they are no longer respected “Some technical parameters” Required.

However, there is something wrong with the new laws on CO2 emissions, which – sooner or later – we will have to deal with in Europe, among other things: the new Audi RS 3 2021 came very recently, provided by the brand. German last July. A few weeks ago the Audi RS3 arrived on a German motorway with no speed limits and became a real missile.

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