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Concert at Conad Space in Rivoli • News Agenda

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Rivoli – Lots of crowd, beautiful music and great sound are the ingredients of a concert Conad Rivoli space In Corso Souza that had a protagonist I 10 I have a Lucio Battisti cover. Fantastic interpreter sound accompanied by guitar and bass, wonderful interpretations eagerly followed by many audiences Songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer. His production gave a decisive turning point for Italian pop/rock: from a purely musical point of view, Lucio Battisti revolutionized the look of the song and personalized it in every sense of the word Traditional and melodic, often combined with the typical sounds and rhythms of various genres, it constantly manages to renew itself and penetrate with diversity and eclecticism in rhythm and blues, prog rock, electro pop, Latin, even touching new wave, disco, folk, soul, rhythm and more.

Summer Music Festival 2022 at Rivoli Supermarket

From Conad Rivoli Card Space in Corso Susa We make space for your summer with a full calendar of music events. summer music festivalHere are the dates.

  • Thursday, September 8, a permanent festive greeting Vasco
  • Thursday 15th September Ciposugar Greeting sugar

Appointment with VASCO

One of Plasco’s most honored bands, the Turinese band Stand with a standing ovation On September 8, they will perform with an evening dedicated to above all for more than 30 years, but fans of Vasco Rossi’s songs are already of all ages. It will be a somewhat different party than what the audience is used to. It will be an evening with the most lively songs from Vasco’s repertoire, such as “What’s Happening in the City” and “Crazy Sunday”, or “Rewind”. They want to make the spectators dance. However, our concert could not exist without “Albachiara”, and perhaps also “Sally”, one of their pioneers.

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The Shopping Center Spazio Conad in Rivoli Open From Monday to Saturday 8.00 / 21.00, Sunday 9.00 / 21.00.

Konad Rivoli

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