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Roberto Benigni and Nicoleta are crazy in love but have no children: the sad reason

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The supreme poet par excellence, or Dante Alighieri She is one of Benny’s greatest passions. Not for nothing they are too much Famous His interpretations of the Divine Comedy, became present with his astonishing genius. But Dante is certainly not in the first place in Roberto’s heart. Actually in the first place for him is his wife Nicoletta. The couple is a symbol of true love. During the awards ceremony in Venice, the great actor gave a touching speech and a true devotion of love to his life partner, I want to dedicate a few moments of my speech to my favorite actress: Nicoletta Brasci. I can’t even dedicate this award to her, because the award is hers. We have done everything together for forty years of continuous work. I know only one way to measure time: with and without you.

He and Nicoleta are the symbol of true love

He then continued, “But we can share the prize: I’ll catch the tail while the wings are yours because if at some point at work you’ve done something that flew, it’s thanks to you, your talent anduo puzzle. Roberto and his wife are real icons of Italian cinema, as well as faithful companions in life and work. After all, since their beginnings, they have always shown that they are very smitten and the films they made together are truly countless aces. Then some really went down in history. And what about “Good morning princess” don’t forget, From the great movie Life is beautiful 1997, Winner of 3 Academy Awards Which is the best foreign film, best lead actor, and best soundtrack?

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Their love story is a magical thing. The two decided to marry in 1991, but did not become parents. For any reason? the truth why The couple did not have children with the actress Nicoletta Brasciwhich – which He decided to tell a very important and personal part of his life, which can also be taken from many other couples who have been crushed by the pressure attributable to this choice. So tell Nicoletta what drove them without filters, or rather, it would be better to say, refrain from bringing creatures of their own into the world. What society wanted to instill in us because we are young is that having children is the most beautiful moment in the life of a married couple, especially a woman, and it is something that can be deep changeNot only in the body, but also in the spirit. But it’s not always like this for everyone…

They decided not to have children

This is certainly true for all those people who feel strongly about this desire. Moreover, we must always remember to watch all the couples who have been trying for years to have children without success, and thus feel deep pain, even excruciating pain due to external pressure, which they see in the childless couple. Something This thing is not working. So it’s very annoying phrases like “But when do you make them kids?”. We must always remember that before us we are dealing with humans who are often very sensitive but who have a history – perhaps – very painful and in most cases we do not know, so it would always be better not to. Invading the private sphere Unless they really want to talk about it first.

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Nicoletta Braschi and her choice not to become a mother

In this case, Nicoletta decided to talk about it Because his position is very strong, he was able to send a message, despite a stable marriage and economic possibilities that could have ensured security and the means for raising children. I decided not to own any of them.

The woman says – without beating in the bush – that she is not a mother, or rather Not feeling the instinct of motherhood. These are his words about her: “It takes a lot maturity To realize when something is not right for us, before we find ourselves in situations we do not know how to deal with and from which it is impossible to escape.”

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