Home entertainment The real locations where they filmed the fantasy ‘stronger than fate’

The real locations where they filmed the fantasy ‘stronger than fate’

The real locations where they filmed the fantasy ‘stronger than fate’

TV Drama Mediaset “stronger than fate” It is a fashion series inspired by real events. The event of the French series “Le Bazar de la Charité” (available on Netflix as “Destinies in flame”) was adapted in Sicily in 1897. In Palermo, in fact, that year, in a new exhibition Techniques debuted in cinema and is famous for issuing The first films of the Lumière Brothers.

What is fantasy?

In the show, flames go out from the projector and thus a fire breaks out that causes many victims, almost all of them women, disrupting the lives of the film’s heroes Ariana (actress Julia Bevilacqua, Costanza (Dharma Mangia Woods), Rosalia (Laura) Chiatti ) and Donna Elvira (Loretta Joji).

The truth has already happened

The fire that the series is about actually happened on May 4, 1897, during a charity fair dating back to the time of Marie Antoinette of France. The fair was organized every year by the French Catholic aristocracy and its goal was to raise money for the poorest population.


The Ducal Palace in San Cesareo de Lecce

Real Fantasy Sites

Although the series is set in Sicily, the true fantasy group has been staged Apuliaand in particular in Lecce.

Filmed inside Villa Reale as well Villa Kareli, a historic residence from the 19th century in the city center. This villa is famous for its beautiful garden, green lung Lychee. The history of the first villa factory dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century. The whole work has a purely Tuscan flavour, since the work was entrusted to the then young Pietro Borsinai, the famous landscape architect of the twentieth century of Tuscan origin who developed an Italian garden project, with a peculiar and distinct taste of the Mediterranean, typical of the time.

Real Kareli villa Piece of Tuscany Ideally located in the landscape of Salento, it consists of many small landscapes where the intense green of the cypress trees blends with the grayish green of the olive trees and the darker color.

Other scenes from “stronger than fate” in the municipality San Cesario Leccein that part of north-central Salento that is part of the Valle della Cuba, elected, since the fifteenth century, as a holiday resort by the aristocrats, so much so that over the centuries, many villas were built among vineyards and olive groves.

San Cesario has many historical buildings that are worth seeing, such as Villa Batarnello, whose entrance certainly does not go unnoticed, with tall pillars surmounted by floral frame vases, or, in addition to the Palazzo Ducale, rebuilt in the second half of the seventeenth century on the foundations of the sixteenth century fortress with an elaborate facade full of niches containing statues Legendary busts of ancestors of Maruli dukes and a baroque terrace. Inside is the Civic Museum of Contemporary Art.

Finally, an exceptional site San Vito de Normanniin the province of Brindisi, and in particular Castle of Dentes de FrassoMedieval style, with a square tower tower overlooking the city’s main square. The village developed around a tower built by the Normans in the 12th century.

San Vito Normandy

Dentice di Frasso Castle in San Vito di Normanni

Around the tower is a large courtyard overlooked by the 16th-century residence, with its series of elegant rectangular ledges and windows. Of note is the stone staircase leading to the veranda. Inside it still preserves the decorated rooms, canvases, hunting trophies and the recently restored historical archive. So far the castle Property It is inhabited by the descendants of the Dentes de Frasso family.

In San Vito dei Normanni, they also made the Sky TV mini-series with Claudio Bessio and Stefania Rocca,”Policemen – a gang of policemen“.

The most powerful imagination

Scene from Mediaset’s novel “Stronger Than Fate”


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