Home entertainment Robert Pattinson’s reaction is priceless

Robert Pattinson’s reaction is priceless

Robert Pattinson’s reaction is priceless

Batman has finally appeared in theaters, as well as longtime fans of the movie at the movie’s premiere Robert Patterson, those who have followed him since Harry Potter and the Twilights… and who have been shouting out loud that they are Team Edward. Look at the actor’s reaction.

Robert Pattinson is now Bruce Wayne Nicknamed Batman, he will soon be remembered by most people, especially younger ones.

But for those who grew up on bread and Harry Potter, no one will forget that the actor was Cedric Diggory first. And who would love instead twilight And she was so fond of Edward, you’d hardly see them “abandoning their faith.”

The latter is a case example Twilight fans the protagonist of the funny video Which you can also find at the bottom of the news. In the video, in fact, the girl yells at Robert Pattinson as he passes the red carpet for The Batman: You’ve always been Team Edward!.

The actor, by surprise, does not hide his image Genuine reaction and responds with a chuckle: “Eh, awesome!.

Nothing exciting for sure, but it must have been nice for Pattinson to see old fans in attendance as well, especially since he’s co-starred. Zoe Kravitz is not a fan of Twilightin fact, you haven’t seen the movies (almost) (only the first one, because a friend dragged her).


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