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I launched a petition to demand Italian dubbing –

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Launched on a petition To ask Bethesda that Double in Italian starfield. The first site is a certain “flipo”. (the point is part of the nickname), he obviously wants to hear the game’s dialogues spoken in our language.

The text of the petition begins with a kind plea to the development team: “We kindly ask for the opportunity to play Bethesda’s next title “Starfield”, fully voiced in Italian,Then we continue to explain the reasons for collecting signatures:The lack of dubbing in Italian will really make you feel in the game, as you are used to enjoying your titles in our language. This deficiency will certainly affect the complete immersion in the game world.Then the acquisition of Microsoft is put forward:Hopefully Microsoft’s acquisition will not affect your voice acting policy, there has certainly been no shortage of resources to invest.

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At the time of writing, the petition has already been accepted 312 signatures. We honestly don’t think it’ll have any real impact and lead to Bethesda withdrawing their decision, but we’re still reporting on it as a community initiative, and we invite you to read our Starfield preview to learn more about the game.

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