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Hockey, Brisciani reveals to “The Citizen” what Amatori will look like 2022/23

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Hockey, Brisciani reveals to
  • Wednesday 10 August 2022

“I think we have every piece in the right place. Now it’s up to me to put them together and mix them well and make them a team.” Having achieved the historic 2021 ‘double’ and having brought the team that many have brought back to sixth or seventh place for the last year, Pierluigi Bresciani is waiting This year is another challenge. It may be more difficult, but certainly exciting: with a brand new Amatori, made up of young scavengers he chose meticulously and still wanted to amaze with them. The Tuscan technician was on the job for two days at “PalaCastellotti” and in a long interview he explains in detail how It will be the shape of Aatori 2022/23. From the audacity and rhythm that the youngsters will be able to guarantee to the need to train charismatic leaders, from the great work that will be necessary in the defensive phase to the additional weapon of the attack formed by the left-handed who last year were not in the team.

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