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The most important places to see

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To the north of the United States, Canada is the largest country, characterized by an unprecedented mix Modern cities and almost untouched nature. To make sure you include everything on your Canadian trip, check out this list.


In the Canadian capital The parliamentary seat stands alone On top of a mountain. It is an elegant city that has the largest ice rink in the world in winter The Rideau channel freezes.


Although the capital is Ottawa, Vancouver is a popular metropolis. One of the most livable in the world Thanks to its lush green areas. Once eTA Canada Application, You can admire the architecture of the Palace of Canada but above all attend Granville Market Area Between theaters, galleries and clubs.


Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. To enjoy it, simply climb to the top CN Tower Alta Ben 553 m. This modern and multicultural city has many such souls Victorian style Or characterized by skyscrapers. Although less well known than the Americans, Niagara Falls Are also in Canada and are very impressive thanks to the particular format Horsepower.


The French influences They are clearly visible in Canada, and especially in Montreal. The architecture of the city dates back to about 700 and it seems to be back in Europe. Due to the unpleasant winter temperatures, the city lives underground! They form approximately below the road surface The tunnels are 30 km long This can lead to people walking around shopping malls, museums, theaters, shops, and even subway stations without going outside.

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Those who love adventure vacations in nature can only go to the Quebec area. The main city is simply called Quebec City French influence is evident in its narrow streets and architecture. Within the oldest walls in North America, it seems to have arrived in Montmartre.

Québec sucrerie is essential in your journey to discover how celebrity is created Maple syrup. Excursions are a two-hour drive to Tatasak Whale watching.


Despite being a small town, Calgary is halfway between the spectacular nature of the Rockies and the city life. With western flavor, The effect of its appearance as a frontier city. Ideal place for vacationers in the name of nature; Being at the foot of rocky mountains, it is the starting point of the city Banff National Park.

Mammoth Grizzly bears are found in this area. It is the oldest national park in the world and has won the record in terms of expansion. Iceflight Parkway is a beautiful trail that leads to the slopes of the mountain Athabasca Glacier.

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