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Microsoft Xbox, negative results in the second quarter of fiscal year 2023 –

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Microsoft I posted Results related financial The second quarter of fiscal year 2023And, alas, there is nothing to get excited about: the gaming division’s revenue fell 13% from October to December, which means $4.74 billion in sales. Xbox: the lowest since the second quarter of 2020.

Xbox Content and Services also reported a 12% decrease in this case, while Record sales Xbox is down 13%. All of these trends are clearly in line with the expectations set by the company, which just filed a lawsuit against PlayStation to defend itself from the FTC lawsuit.

Microsoft explained in its document that this situation is due to a decrease in first-party content and a lower degree of product monetization in relation to third-party production, which is partially offset by Increase subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass.

As summarized by Jez Corden, Microsoft’s operating and distribution revenue decreased by 8% windows In OEM format prof real breakdownby -39%, but there are also sectors that fared positively: the cloud grew by 18%, while Bing and LinkedIn both scored +10%.

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