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A 21-year-old Italian tourist

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A 21-year-old Italian tourist was seriously injured after falling from board to board at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin: he flew 8 meters and was hit in the head.

What’s worth a fun-filled holiday could turn into a tragedy for a 21-year-old Italian boy, who was seriously injured After falling from a slab of the Holocaust memorial A Berlin Take a trip of about 8 metres. This is reported by German newspapers, citing local police sources, which for privacy reasons did not disclose more information about the protagonist of the case. It happened on the night between Saturday and Sunday: the boy was jumping from one wave to the other of the memorial, prohibited by law, at its fall, probably also due to the fact that the lighting was poor and the height was underestimated, Hit his head hard.

Firefighters were alerted around 0:40 last night. Police and an ambulance immediately rushed to the scene. The injured received first aid immediately and was taken to the hospital, where he arrived at the emergency room with a head trauma After about fifty minutes. But his exact condition is currently unknown.

The monument is located in Mitte a Berlin, Not far from the Brandenburg Gate, it was built to commemorate the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust. Opened in 2005, it consists of 2,700 concrete slabs and can be visited both day and night. The rules dictate that visitors not run or jump from one board to another, but violations abound, as evidenced by the incident involving the young Italian.

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