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Illegal bills and increases, what to do

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Do not cancel the price increase? Contact customer service – Any proposal to renew the contract to be challenged must have been received after August 10, 2022, the day when the Aiuti-bis decree freezing the increases came into effect. In this case, you may be among the customers who can obtain the above terms, based on the antitrust clause. In theory, the return to the old terms should be automatic: the manager should send a warning letter canceling the new terms while restoring the old terms. In the event that you are not contacted within 30-40 days, it is recommended to contact customer service, and perhaps if the bill is not reduced, you can file a complaint.

“overdue” messages – If the renewal letter arrives within a few days of the start of the antitrust investigation, it is likely that a phone call to customer service will suffice to receive reassurances about the cancellation of the letter itself: it may have already left before the decision for the authority and therefore the solution may have already been implemented by the company .

Increases with other companies – And what if the bill increases are still there, but with other energy companies? In this case, it is a good idea to file a complaint immediately. If this has no effect, an extrajudicial, no-cost, method of conciliation administered by Arera (Environmental Grid Energy Regulatory Authority) can be attempted.

Automatic renewals and timed offers – But be careful before initiating protests or complaints, because not all renewals are affected by the ruling: automatic renewals have nothing to do with it. If the price on the invoice is about to expire, it is normal that it will not be changed once the agreed deadline is reached. And in this case, the increase can be fully in line with the regulations.

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Director changes – Finally, users may have changed manager once they become aware of the increases: in this case antitrust would expect the original managers to contact these former customers and provide them with the possibility of a return, but with pre-increase conditions. At this point, the customer will decide what to do.

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