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Fabregas: “Football has become numbers, science, GPS…”

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Long and interesting interview due to Brandby Monaco midfielder Cesc Fabregas. A really important career for the Spaniard who has experienced the changes in the world of football firsthand.

the changes – Analyzing the diversity and evolution of the ball system, the footballer born in 1987 said: “Football has changed a lot, really a lot. I think the change started four or five years ago, and now it’s quite clear. It’s all over the coaches. And some things have happened to me not with one. Or two but with four or five,” he began Fabregas. He then explained himself better, adding, “These are methodologies based on many mechanisms, where the coach basically tells you how far you have to pass the ball at all times. The player has to be placed in a specific place. A toy robot. Then there is the GPS game.” Many coaches are obsessed with numbers. If you don’t make those numbers, you’re not ready to play, and if you’re comfortable, you have to do certain numbers to keep the level. In that sense, sometimes I’m a little “old school”. I’ve had great moments, great stages in My career where it’s been physically and emotionally, no training, great seasons.Now, however, it seems like if you do that you don’t train in a certain way you don’t feel good. It all depends on science, numbers and GPS“.

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