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Canada aims to decriminalize hard drugs: there is a basic concept in appearance

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L ‘Cannabis use It has been legal across Canada since October 17, 2018. However, a few days ago, the Canadian government gave its approval Test program For personal use of some difficult drugs including opioids, cocaine, methamphetamines and ecstasy. According to the government order, users of these drugs will have an amount not exceeding 2.5 grams. He will no longer be arrested or reported. The project will be tested in the province of British Columbia from January 31, 2023, and will run for three years.

L ‘Objective This is a government mandate Oil margin An ever-growing record of cases High volume The state of British Columbia alone has been estimated at 10,000 deaths since 2016 (more than 2,200 last year alone). Yes, an incredible number of deaths should not be fought against the crime of drug use, but rather allowed Consumption without guilt The person who uses it. It seems negative, but it is not. This is a very bold and innovative move to face Drug problem. Let me describe.

One in terms of this ordinance Very basic concept This is clear to all people working in the field of drug prevention and recovery, and (unfortunately) to family members of drug addicts: those who use heavy drugs are not having a good time, it is a Person suffering. Anyone who uses hard drugs is a person who has it Need help; In fact, mental illness underlies serious drug use. Hence, the use of harsh drugs This is primarily a health problem, not a justice problem. Anyone who uses a serious drug is ill and not guilty. Of course, those who use harsh drugs will eventually commit crimes if left alone without the possibility of treatment, but the primary reason behind the addiction is a health problem. Point.

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Fear of being imprisoned Or reported, and the stigma associated with being a convicted felon, Marginalizes drug addicts, Cover up their illness and often reduce themselves to the use of substances that greatly increase the risk of death from overdose. Stigma and criminalization therefore limit the chances of these individuals identifying themselves as ill and therefore accepting treatment assistance. Because here Innocent act A person who uses harsh drugs This may be a bold first step In truly dealing with the drug problem with the aim of saving lives. If you decide not to help drug addicts, we will do nothing but indirectly help the mafia (but this is another post).

Legalization and the use of drugs of any kind have always been provoked Very heated discussions A political, religious and socio-cultural nature and this Canadian government mandate, though in the testing phase, is certainly no exception. But in the debate, I believe there is agreement on distinguishing a sick person from an offender, regardless of what kind and from what perspective: It is a civil liability action And man it is necessary for all of us. In recent years, we have learned well to distinguish a child’s appetite from a child’s own crime of stealing from the fruit market. I firmly believe that disease can be distinguished from crime in the same way; I hope it doesn’t take decades.

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