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Six candidates chasing votes on TikTok-

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From Stefano Montefiore

In 2017, half of young people did not vote. An unusual group of potential voters. The attack began. Macron tops nearly 3 million followers. Mlenchon (radical left) squeezes it and drinks strawberry milk on the podium and talks about classics on TV

Macron takes video selfies in a short-sleeved shirt Marine Le Pen uses M neskin music in the background, Valrie Pcresse proudly shows off her best photos, Eric Zemmour allows himself to be photographed feeling giddy on the field over Messi’s first PSG goal (even if he’s known to be a fan of ‘Olympique Marseille),’ teasing adult Jean-Luc Mlenchon 70-year-old Macron paralyzed 17-year-old Logden’s song. On TikTok, the Elysee’s election campaign seems to belong to a parallel universe. Not that the candidates (President Macron is not yet officially) are facing each other in serious political forums, but on social media that teens like, the tones and even graphics are different, as is understood: there is a more significant and elusive audience subjugation, and therefore it is necessary to experience a connection Custom.

Mine disinterest

The age group between 18 and 25 is the most in demand as there are as many abstentions as possible: in the previous elections of 2017, one in two young people did not vote, and according to the Ifop poll, more than half of the boys (in this case between 18 and 30) year) think they will not vote. A large group of uninterested people, and thus an unusual group of potential voters, just persuaded them. And in a couple of months, time left to vote (first round 10 April, second 24 April), you can still make a number of funny, wink, sarcastic, easy videos and maybe punctuate now and then, without exaggeration, with some suggestions taken from the political agenda . 40% of TikTok users (over 1 billion worldwide) are under 17 years old and therefore do not vote. Others are seductive, and each candidate has a team of callers who just care about picking them up.

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Dogs, cats and quotes

The one who started first, and has the most followers by far, is Emmanuel Macron with 2.8 million followers and around 19 million likes. Sometimes wearing a tie, and often a blue Lacoste polo shirt or black shirt, the president posts, among others, a video of his dog Nemo barking, or a dedication drawing by Ichiro Oda, the author of manga One. Piece. The other star on social media, in particular TikTok, Jean-Luc Mlenchon, leader of France Insoumise (radical left), has 1.3 million followers and 13.1 million likes. If on television, for example during the debate with Zemmour, Mlenchon likes to flaunt his classical culture as a graduate of philosophy and literature and as a former French professor, plays on social networks joking and making fun of himself, then perhaps he will show himself while resorting to steroids. – A triple dose of strawberry milk – before debating or indulging in more popular quotes, accusing his opponents of doing the same as the US president played by Meryl Streep in the now inescapable movie Don’t Look For, i.e. no no looking at reality.

Marine Le Pen and “Z”

The candidate closest to her public outreach is Marine Le Pen, who also appears on TikTok particularly keen to separate herself from her father’s image by showing herself reassuring and close to people: no selfies, if any, among sympathizers, and some exceptions such as the cat who appears from A Christmas tree or Beijing for Minskin as the soundtrack to a visit to the “farm top” among the sheep and the cows. His direct competitor, Eric Zemmour, is bolder: “Z” who plays tennis, “Z” who bowls, “Z” who dribble football, “Z” who uses hashtags that are unrelated but popular, and they help in gaining traffic.

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