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Tricky wall collapses after 50 hits

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Also in the tradition of Souls from FromSoftware In Elden Ring there are fake walls In the game they lead to new areas if they are removed. A discovery of his tamper reveals that one of these walls is spread along the Interregnum Needs 50 shots to be shot down.

All FromSoftware’s Souls requires a player attack or other specific action to be able to remove a dummy wall that is blocking a secret passage. So far one of the best hidden methods of Hidetaka Miyazaki He and his associates were definitely the one at the base of Infamous City in Dark Souls, which required multiple player interactions before finally revealing one of the most hidden areas in the entire game.

However, the Japanese software house seems to have surpassed itself with Elden Ring: As reported on reddit, user finds teristam through a seemingly blurred wall in Villa Vulcano which, if hit 50 times, disappears to reveal a room. The latter belongs to NPCs Rya and Bernhal, and to be honest, it is possible to access it naturally simply by finding its usual entrance. There is usually a beep that plays every time a mock wall breaks, but not in this case. Furthermore it, wall regeneration If the players decide to rest in the location of the blessing.

This new discovery suggests that there may be other areas with walls of this type, and we have no trouble believing that players will return to search every corner of the vast expanse. vacancy of the throne To find other cases similar to this. At the same time, it must be said that the considered wall does not seem to have a certain function, nor does it reveal an otherwise inaccessible area, and therefore we cannot rule out that it is just the result of a strange technical anomaly in the game.

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In the meantime Elden Ring has been updated again with patch 1.04with developers tweaking screen scripts on PCs and consoles.

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