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Will Star Wars Eclipse release in 2027? Quantic Dream’s answer –

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With an email sent to the GamesRadar editorial team, QUANTIC DREAM They responded to the rumors they wanted Star Wars Eclipse Produce Not before 2027 Because of the difficulties faced by the company in recruiting new employees.

As reported in an earlier news story, the Xfire Report by well-known journalist and insider Tom Henderson stated that work on Star Wars Eclipse is progressing slowly due to the studio’s difficulties in hiring new qualified developers to implement their projects. In the mentioned article there was talk of 67 available jobs, most of which have been available for months or years and for “higher” positions. For this reason, the internal history of Star Wars Eclipse may have regressed to the year 2027 or 2028, according to Henderson.

Star Wars Eclipse, image taken from the first official trailer

GamesRadar says the Quantic Dream email appears to have been sent spontaneously in response to this report. However, the study spokesperson’s explanation isn’t particularly comprehensive and basically limits itself to stating that the Star Wars Eclipse release date has not been pushed back because in fact it hasn’t. Never announced a.

“Star Wars Eclipse has not been delayed because Quantic Dream has never announced or promised a release period for the title. Staff remains active while the studio works on Star Wars Eclipse, the release of third-party titles and unannounced projects.” , stated a spokesperson, who later cites data shared by the study just a few hours ago, from which we learned Quantic Dream’s workforce increased 50% in 2021 and record profits were posted.

Anyway, the information shared today by Quantic Dream will look like Langerhans The premise that the studio is having a hard time hiring new developers, which in and of itself is good news and bodes well for the projects it’s working on.

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