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A letter from Omigron, Canada A case in China: the virus on the envelope. Ticket sales halted at the Beijing Olympics

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Omigron In the letters of the post? Yes it is possible and inside China Already ran to cover. Wrong letter from Canada Beijing, Traces of a variation were found on the outer packaging and the inner surface. It really affected a man, the first case of Omigran in Beijing. Therefore, in the midst of fears about the Omigron variant of Govit-19, the Chinese Postal Commission has issued an order to ensure that all correspondence from abroad is refined, strengthening the disinfection, ventilation and inspections on workers in the field. The only case of omigran found so far in Beijing was found in a document from Canada, which found strains of omigran similar to those found in North America and Singapore. The variation was found on the outer packaging and inner surface, Beijing health officials revealed today, according to official media.

Omigron 2, a warning for South Africa’s “sister” variant. “It’s going fast in Northern Europe”

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing, explained that the city’s first diagnosed patient with the Govt-19 variant received a letter sent from Canada on January 7. “We do not rule out the possibility that the person may have been harmed by contact with an object coming from abroad,” he said.

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China: Avoid international mail

Beijing government officials are urging people to avoid recent international mail and to open packages only outside and with Guantanamo, as cases of the Omicron variant could spread through foreign mail. Experts have repeatedly said that the risk of getting an infection in email is low, and there is currently no sign that things have changed with the Omicron variant, although it is more contagious than ever before.

The South China Morning Post explained Beijing Citizens recommended for disease control and prevention Order as little as possible from overseas Wear gloves and masks when opening letters or letters from high-risk countries. This is after the news that the first Omigron case in Beijing will come by post.

This comes when the center said the first recorded case of the Omigron variant in Beijing may have come by mail. The Canadian Post Office immediately sued the country’s public health agency and the WHO, repeatedly explaining that the risk of transmitting the corona virus through the mail was low because the virus did not live long on the surface.

Warning in China

According to Xinhua Reconstruction, the person who tested positive received a package shipped from Canada via the US and Hong Kong on January 11 and did not travel until 14 days before symptoms appeared. Furthermore, Xinhua writes that it does not reveal a link between infections detected in Beijing in the past or those associated with the Omigran variant in other parts of China, while being “more similar” to isolated strains in North America and Singapore. Last December. So, according to the Guardian, Liao Linz, deputy director of the Beijing Post, urged people not to “buy goods abroad.” Pang Jinghuo, deputy director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing, recalled that “Omigran is spreading fast” and drew attention to “avoid buying goods abroad”, “wear gloves and do not bring parcels home”. “If necessary – he said – clean the package with alcohol and wash your hands”. On December 9, the Asian giant confirmed that it had identified the first case of the Omigron variant in Tianjin.

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Beijing 2022, cancel group ticket sales

China has canceled a plan to sell tickets to the public Winter Olympics As part of the tightening of controls against Beijing 2022, Govt-19 and the Terrible Variation, only guests are allowed to follow the races and tests. Omigron. “In order to protect the health and safety of the staff and spectators associated with the Olympics, it was decided to adjust the previous plan for ticket sales to the public and setting up spectators on the site,” the organizing committee clarified in a note. . Previously, it was hypothesized that the capacity of the plants would be up to 50%.

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