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Reggio Calabria – You Found Me by Maria Rita Consiglio presented at Open Space

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Thursday December 29 at 18 in Spazio Open (via dei Filippini 25) presents the book “You found me” by Maria Rita Consiglio. At the center of the novel is the theme of emotional addiction. The author will discuss this with Maria Antonetta Rositani, the survivor of a tragic story that made her experience one of the most serious consequences of emotional addiction.

Maria Rita Consiglio, director of an Italian multinational company, published the poetic method Ancora un Breath di vento (2007), her first novel You Found Me. It deals with the topic of emotional addiction and the consequences that can arise from it. The book, for a quality of writing capable of engaging the reader and conveying the most intimate feelings and social relevance of the issues dealt with, is one of the most interesting novelties in the panorama of contemporary women’s fiction.

The narrator and heroine, Anna, is a dreamy, lonely, eager-to-read, sea-loving young woman. The events told take place between the beginning and half of the 1990s, between Rome, an unspecified city on the Adriatic coast, and Milan. Crushed by the weight of the hopes and expectations others have pinned on her, Anna searches for a perfect love, a safe haven to give meaning to her life. He thinks he found it in Alessandro, but soon the founders find their relationship between misunderstandings and incompatibilities. This is when eating disorders begin. First bulimia, then anorexia. Time and distance heal wounds.

In Milan, where Anna has moved for an internship at an American multinational, she meets Carlo, the misfit scion of a wealthy family of entrepreneurs, with whom she begins a relationship. The events leading up to and following the end of their story force the protagonist to question the meaning of life and death, and the price to pay for a happy life. Then his descent into the abyss begins again, accompanied by eating disorders, depression, destructive feelings and self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. It is only through an analytical excavation of herself and her soul, her passions and aspirations, thanks to a colleague and a psychologist who helped her, that Anna finds an existential balance. In the new life, there will be room only for what is truly important, even at the cost of sacrificing work for a large company. Life for the price of life.

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