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Casaleggio: “M5S schizophrenia, it collapses. There is room for a new political theme”

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“I think what is being done today in M5s is a bit schizophrenic. One says one thing and often does the opposite. I don’t think that schizophrenia pays off in politics. In fact, polls are falling apart day by day.” David Casaleggio stated. On the sidelines of an event in Milan.

The founder’s son added, “The movement has embarked on a continuous downward trajectory.” As well as the alliance with the center-left “I think it is diminishing, in fact there is a very large scope of presence in the government. I am sorry that they no longer want to participate in the municipal councils. This is the stage of the decline of the project.”

A case of schizophrenia, according to Casaleggio, is that of Vito Petrucelli. “Tarranging a senator who votes against sending weapons when he publicly says he doesn’t want them is an example of schizophrenia. He was an outsider in his administration and by the way was not kicked out of the 5-star movement, but only by a committee.”

For a new political entity “There is a lot of space because I think all those frustrated, electorally chosen by the 5 Star Movement in 2013, are coming back today, and we see it in the municipal and regional elections, abstaining.” David Casaleggio says again speaking to reporters on Fringe event in Milan. “The interception of these people’s requests is important, an attempt has been made through referendum initiatives and I am sorry to turn them down and send them back to the sender in such a sudden manner – and he continued – because citizen engagement is essential to I have been strong. I think the theme is participation, I have always worked for this in an innovative way. , by Rousseau, building new ideas. Platform community, building tools for citizen participation, I believe is the way of the future and today the concept of movement that was innovative ten years ago is a thing of the past.” Faced with a crisis like the crisis of war and inflation “we must think about what the solutions might be and we must involve the citizens in the solutions – he concluded – we cannot think of finding them in a closed room and thinking that they apply to everyone.”

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