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Red inspired by Pokemon, EarthBound and Zelda reveals Disney Pixar director –

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Dom Shi, Director redrevealed that among inspiration From the new Disney Pixar animated movie there are also productions Nintendo like Pokemon, Earthbound, and Zeldain particular for some aspects of the approved fee style.

Always something He seems to have been a fan of Pokémon and Zelda, who played especially in the Game Boy Color and Nintendo DS Lite, so the previous experience in the various chapters of the series was reflected a little in the artistic choices and in the style adopted for the film, which actually contains some elements of separation from the aesthetics Other previous Disney-Pixar productions and it’s closer to the east in some ways.

In an interview published by The Washington Post, Shi revealed that he also shared this passion for the Nintendo series Designed by Rhona Liuand both drew these inspirations to the creation of the color red.

“We both love this cute and slightly adorable aesthetic, which was definitely inspired by Nintendo games like Pokémon or Earthbound,” Shi said in the interview.

Red, is the design of the particular character in an image

“There is something simply wonderful about the way they can design their world in this way Pretty but also a bit clumsy and round. When we were looking for inspiration to develop the graphics for the movie, we also looked at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and asked ourselves: Wow, how do they make the world beautiful and rich but also simplify it in this way? “

So both the director and production designer drew inspiration from the Nintendo games, particularly Pokémon, Zelda and Earthbound, for Red’s style. Additionally, Shi said she wants to look at video games more than purely animation because the former “takes more risks than animated films, which often choose more traditional styles.”

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