Home entertainment Five modern Italian comedies to watch now on NOW

Five modern Italian comedies to watch now on NOW

Five modern Italian comedies to watch now on NOW

Let’s see together some of the Italian comedies that are currently available in streaming right now to make room for laughter and joy.

we are here. First, happy birthday.
It’s time for school holidays, lunches and dinners, panettone and pandoro, gifts to unpack, family near and far, greetings, ultimate comfort, movies to watch at the cinema and movies to watch at home. We focus on this last item which falls under local activities. It may happen that you want to look for a movie, to spend the afternoon or evening, perhaps suitable for the whole family. It is also plausible that this research would delve into the comedy genre with the specific goal of laughter in company.
Hassan. The titles you see are all below Modern Italian comedies are available on and streamed live on Sky right Nowa shortlist that you can refer to to choose the movie you are looking for.

I was lucky

Taken from the play Out to Louisa Merlonithe comedy Sky Original I was lucky directed by Paula Randi And it has the role of the protagonist Serena Rossi. close to it Fabio Balsam. script by Lisa Nur Sultan And the Charlotte Corradi.

The film deals with the delicate theme of motherhood and free choice in light but not frivolous colours. It tells the story of a forty-year-old single woman who works as a theater director and is content with her life. We find her close to the debut of her stage version of Hamlet when someone special arrives to visit her on her fortieth birthday. It is nothing butArchangel Gabriel Come to give her a shocking news: she will soon have a baby.

The woman asks for time to think about it. Appalled by the request, the Archangel found himself compelled to remain on earth awaiting a decision from Martha. the movie I was lucky It is produced for Sky by Cinemaundici and Vision Distribution and is available exclusively on Sky and broadcast on NOW only from 25 December.

Who put Santa Claus?

The magic of Christmas is in danger because of Wonderfast, an online delivery company known all over the world. The company excels in its segment’s market, but there’s only one period of the year in which it finds itself second: Christmas. Yes why During the holiday season, Santa Claus dominates the express delivery market. That’s why the company bribes the chief of the elves to convince him to let Ginny Catalano, a conman known as the “Parcel King”, into the factory as the new manager who has to manage deliveries.

Genny’s task is to get homes, not long-awaited gifts, but real “packages”, in order to question Santa’s competence. Who put Santa Claus? It is a Christmas movie written, starring and directed by Alessandro Siani Whoever wants to be with him Christian De SicaAnd the Delita Lotta And the Angela Fenucciaro.

Watch Who Framed Santa Claus? on NOW


The Bonelli family consists of father, mother, and son. The latter is 35 years old, has an excellent job as a university professor and has the economic independence that allows him to live on his own. Although he has also received many job offers, including some abroad, the young man is determined to continue living with his mother and father in complete peace and happiness. However, the parents have reached the limit of their stamina.

They initially try to persuade the boy to leave home and build a life for himself. The task turns out to be really difficult and a kind of cold war begins in the Bonelli house, with the goal of holding Aldo responsible. However, the 35-year-old is determined not to give in to his parents and continue living the ‘money’ life as always. output from John PognettiComedy Money played before Diego AbatantunoAnd the Angela Fenucciaro And the Andrea Pisani.

Watch Mammon on now

sex of angels

sex of angels It is the new movie written, directed and executed Leonardo Peracioni which takes place in the part of Don Simon, a frontier priest saying Mass in a chapel in difficulty. One day he receives the news of the death of his distant uncle, who lived in Switzerland. His relative bequeathed him a very profitable business in Lugano, and the priest, confident that he could help his community with the money he earned, hurried to the place.

Arriving on the spot, he found out A very fruitful business is a brothelMadam rules it, plays with it Sabrina Ferrelli. Embittered and agitated by thousands of logistical and moral uncertainties, he could find a solution thanks to the sudden arrival of someone. They are part of the movie, too Marcellus Fonty And the Massimo Ceccherini.

Watch Sex of Angels online now

Blah blah baby

output from Fausto Brizzithe movie Blah blah baby Story follows A forty-five-year-old man forced into a corporate daycare job after a lifetime of unsuccessfully pursuing success. Along with two of her classmates, she must keep the kids at bay every day From the employees of the company in whose structure the nurseries are located. One day our protagonist goes to a scientist’s friend’s house Eating “contaminated” baby food Just pulled off the market.

The next day, in the kindergarten after a sleepless night, incomprehensible children’s voices become words that make sense to him. To his surprise, he hears them talking and understands what they are saying. They are part of the cast Alexander PreciousAnd the Matilda GiuliAnd the Mary DiBiaseAnd the Claire Noches And the Massimo Ceccherini

Watch Bla Bla Baby on now


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