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Downloaded from Google Play Store over 100,000 times: But the FaceStealer malware is hiding inside the app

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Google Play Store is undoubtedly one of the most widely used virtual store ever. However, it is not always as safe as we think, which is why, sometimes, there are dangerous malware inside. What are we talking about in this case?

It’s not the first time, let alone the last, that we’ll see malware in Play Store apps –

radio Well-known security company, identified a Android malware which masquerades as an application of Create Animationinstalled in smartphones to steal login credentials to Facebook. Computer virus is already installed additionally 100 thousand devices And download it via Google Play Store.

The name of the app is “Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools‘, users are apparently allowed Downloadable picture and turn it into an animation. However, inside the application there is a file Trojans named “FaceStealerwhich shows the login screen to Facebook with what Requests To log users in before they can useImplementation. But what happens When do we enter the data?

How does malware work?

Downloaded from Google Play Store over 100,000 times: But the FaceStealer malware is hiding inside the app
Fortunately, these computer viruses were caught in time –

Once in Credentials It has been written, It is sent to the command server so that it is possible for hackers collect it And the keep them. The Malware It not only connects to the C2 server, but also to a file URL Where did these come from I sent More data. This practice has already been used in other applications in the past Android Contains FaceStealer, So they use the same thing again method.

The IT company made it clear
thats it Developer One of these applications is to automate the process of “refilling” by entering a file a little fragment of malicious code in an otherwise legitimate application. Thanks to this idea Easily circumvent Control action subordinate Play Storethus to avoid that it can be defined as one malicious app. In short, it seems that everything was so Lesson In the The smallest detail.

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Whatever the case radio develop and publish its analysis; After a short time, fortunately the application Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools It was immediately removed so that No other users can bump into him Bad intentions subordinate Hacker. Therefore, from now on, we advise you to pay attention and Don’t take wrong steps: Download Applications Strange and unreliable can be very dangerous at times. in your place quick look at Reviews and ai Such as Before installing the program, there may be help To do that.

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